Year: 2010

Mass Effect 3 : Earth Announcement Trailer [HD]

BioWare officially announced at the Video Game Awards (VGAs) on Spike TV last night that their next game realease (after Dragon Age II which is already completed) will be Mass Effect 3 which should not be a surprise to many. They had said that it would be a quicker turnaround from ME2 into ME3 compared to ME1 into ME2. I suppose it is a relief to have this official announcement. The sequel to the best video game I’ve ever experienced is projected to come out in Novemeber of 2011. I. Can. Not. Wait.

PROMO: Beneath the Surface of Things – by Kevin Wallis

Beneath the Surface of Things, a collection of dark short fiction by my friend and editing colleague Kevin Wallis, is available in softcover now at There is also a Kindle edition for you digitalphiles. My copy is on the way and reviews have been unanimous: Kevin Wallis writes boundless, unnerving dark fiction as good as any name-brand author, if not better. Order your copy today. Get two and send one as a gift. 

Airport Security

I can only surmise that people who complain about being scanned thoroughly at U.S. airports are completely retarded if they would rather forego homeland security in favor of convenience and privacy. Is it a little off-putting to be held up for pat-downs and scans? Sure. But is it a necessary measure to take, all things considered? If ever there was a rhetorical question, I just wrote it.

SHOUT-OUT TO: Aurora Wolf

Aurora Wolf – A Literary Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy is what we at Liquid Imaginaton fondly consider to be one of our sister publications. It is the brainchild of Michael C. Pennington, and he’s got great help from editor Linda Manning and digital graphic artist Jack Rogers. Their online layout is beautiful, and they’re also publishing print anthologies now. Check’em out.   

PROMO: In the Face of Indigo – by Chrissy Davis

The uber talented poet and free spirit Chrissy Davis, who edits our poetry Liquid Imagination online, has recently released her newest volume of poetry, In the Face of Indigo. It’s been called ‘Bold, insightful, sexy, lyrical and filled with courage’. Check it out as well as her first book, Raven’s Brew on Amazon. She’s also doing a book signing in her local California area. 

THE JUNKIE MUSE – by Isabelle Carruthers

Wanna read one of the first stories I ever edited? Way back in 2000 I became well acquainted with an exceptional young writer going by the pseudonym of Isabelle Carruthers. She wrote dramitic, psyhologically dark stories that had me and others in our little community at Zoetrope gushing. I selected my fave or hers, “The Junkie Muse” for publication in Zoetrope: All-Story Extra’s 23rd issue in May 2000. All these years later I’m still in love with the story and reflect on it with pride. Excerpt: She tried to examine her reflection in the grimy side mirror. Too much mascara, and lipstick too dark, but this was what they liked. Her black dress was damp from the oppressive humidity and clung to her skin like a fungus. She pulled at the fabric awkwardly as she crossed the street to the bar. The Terpsichore Inn. The lettering on the sign was a dirty smear, barely legible in the glow of a dysfunctional street lamp salvaged from another century. She recognized the name of the Greek muse …

Shivering Sands by Warren Ellis

Mom, can I get this for Christmas? Does it have swear words from that snarky, cranky but uber-talented English writer fellow? Yes. Is it starkly irreverent to conventional thinking? Um, yeah? Does it broaden the mind with outside-the-box viewpoints and thought-provoking ideas. Well, yeah. Will it make you piss your pants while giggling like a school girl? YES!!! Why do you think I want it??? Buy it at