Month: January 2011

Liquid Imagination #8 is LIVE

All-new Winter 2011 issue of Liquid Imagination is now LIVE! Lotsa goodies in issue #8. First there’s the stuff in which I was directly involved. For starters, there’s the debut of Liquid Imagination’s microfiction feature edited by yours truly, featuring seven ultra-short pieces of fiction that hit you early and often. This is lovingly commemorated with our featured author, the beloved Bob Thurber, who offers a whopping three microfictions to show you that we are very serious about the addition of the short story form’s little brother. The cavalry consists of the exceptional Ellen Parker, the dazzling Dorothy Davies, the canny Cezarija Abartis and the diabolical David Gibson. Included in that batch is a story voice-narrated by me with flash-animated images by Sue Babcock. There in the Articles and Features section we have two interviews I conducted, one with microfiction guru Bob Thurber, the other with small press writer/editor/publisher Chris Bartholomew (of Static Movement). That’s just the stuff I personally touched. There’s plenty more, not the least of which are the speculative fiction short stories that …

I’ve Come to Like Rachel Maddow

After the few times I have watched her, I have come to find Rachel Maddow (along with Jon Stewart, Bill Maher and Lou Dobbs) to be a rather sensible and rational option as an opinionated talking head in the political media. I only dabble in this stuff occasionally, and I personally prefer optimism over pessimism, realism over idealism, logical rationale over emotions, and a half-full glass over doom-saying. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy 

A Point About Theological Beliefs and Atheism

Not sure how many friends I’ll make with this, but here goes anyway. On the Piers Morgan Tonight show commedian Ricky Gervais was taken to task for what might be misconstrued as an attack of religion when he jokingly (though truthfully) stated at the Golden Globes that he was an atheist. I found his explanation to be very sensible (there’s that word again) and rather on-point about the controversy that arises from religion in the world. In the interview embedded below, he said, “[As an atheist] I don’t get offended when someone thanks god.” The rest of that which he didn’t say (and didn’t need to) was: So why would someone who does believe in god be offended that I do not share that belief? I think the best point he makes is that religion does not own a monopoly on “good”. You can be a good person without a belief in a higher power. That should go without saying, but, you know, some people aren’t as enlightened. I personally have a problem with the exclusiveness and divisiveness …

Sponsored Blog: Wicked Angel

My friend Jessi wrote passionately about the supposed change in the Zodiac. She wisely cautions: don’t be so quick to believe everything you read. “Let’s step back into time when we were still in school and we turned our science text books to the chapter about Astronomy. Do we all remember when our science teacher glowered down at us and made certain that we understood the difference between Astronomy and Astrology? They made certain that we understood that Astrology was based off of myths and legends and that Astronomy is based off of scientific findings and fact. These are two different things and should not be confused with one another.” There’s plenty more — check it out: Wicked Angel: Left With No Other Choice

News: Deep layoffs take effect in struggling NJ city

Ah, more budget cuts lead to the loss of more jobs. Gotta love it. (The title of Modest Mouse’s 2004 album, Good News for People Who Love Bad News has sprung to mind). This time it’s police officers in a crime-laden city in New Jersey. Yeah, chew on that for a minute. They are laying off police officers in one of the nation’s most impoverished and crime-riddled cities–Camden, NJ. Please join me in head-shaking and head-scratching at this phenomenon. As many as 383 workers, representing one-fourth of the local government’s work force, are expected to lose their jobs, including about half the police force and one-third of the city’s firefighters.A local pastor says “the fear quotient has been raised,” and a police union took out a full-page newspaper advertisement last week warning that Camden would become a “living hell” if layoffs were not averted. Like the closing of libraries I posted about the other day, this is clearly a situation of letting the poor regions stay poor and disadvantaged, while more prosperous regions suffer little …

NEW MARKET: Static Poetry

ATTN: Poets the world over. Static Poetry is now open for submissions. From Static Movement publisher Chris Bartholomew: Send poetry to me at with Static Poetry in the subject line. Multiple submissions in one email is fine, but please don’t send your subs to anyone else until you hear from me. I respond to submissions the same day that they are sent in. Poetry will be left justified, no centered poetry will be accepted and no special formatting will be done. You can of course have blank spaces between, but no special indenting. Please put a bio at the end of the submission in the manuscript. No word limit. Any type of poetry will be acceptable for this anthology. (Except erotica) Open until filled. No payment wil be made and no copy given for this anthology. I’ll add that this will be a print antholgy will be for-the-love and for exposure. The cover: