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UPDATE: So, this new blog, Brandon Rucker Writes…

…is still under construction, but the story behind it is that it is a consolidation of a couple of old blogs I stopped updating (and never truly promoted or networked), combined with a great deal of the updates I posted the last few months on Facebook, that evil empire of social networking. I much prefer this, but Facebook is a necessary evil since everyone and their great grandma is on there.

This blog will be constantly updated with all sorts of news of mine as far as what projects I’ve got going on, new stuff I’m into, promoting all my other artistic friends and their work, and my usual gushing of things I dig, the occasional rant about things that really get my goat.

I would love for my blog to be as interesting (and as fervently followed) as Warren Ellis‘s blogsite, but I’m not nearly as interesting as he is. I’m happy to receive whatever attention y’all grant me, though. As well as those I am promoting.



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I read. I write. I rock. Art is life and life should immitate it.

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