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Self-Observation: Jaded Music Fan?

I’m afraid that at age thirty-seven I have become one of those “old people” who are a little too set in their ways when it comes to music these days. I used to constantly search for new music (i.e. new bands and artists). Nowadays, I’m happy to listen to bands and artists that I’ve already got an established listening relationship with. I’ve been reluctant, resistant. It’s the old adage: “new music can never be as good as the classics” and all that. As a huge fan of music, a self-described “music geek”, I never imagined I would someday be that jaded, crotchety old music fan. Some of it is probably a trust factor, I just trust the music makers that I know far more than the ones I don’t. But I’m a lot busier nowadays than younger years, so part of it is lack of the option of a longer attention span on seeking out new music. Some of that, I can admit, may also translate into laziness.

Speaking of old music, I’ve been on this 80s kick of late (although it’s not like in 90s when 80s nostalgia was at an all-time high).  Old thrash metal from the 80s (which I’ve never stopped listen to), old pop/glam/hair metal from the 80s, and I’ve always got a spot for the old British New Wave of the 80s. If I can combat the laziness, I need to continue searching for the old soul and R&B music of my youth.

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