Friday Music Flashback
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Earthquake, Tsunamis in Japan – A Friday Flashback Extra

Before heading to bed last night I saw the news about the big earthquake that hit northern Japan and the ensuing tsunamis that were to bring even more of nature’s menace. Yet another nation gets punked by Mother Earth, who lately has seemed to be on a major menstrual cycle or something considering the frequency of disastrous activity that’s she’s been dishing out of late.

My condolences to our Far East brothers and sisters in this trying time. You’ve survived worse, so I have all the confidence in the world that you’ll beat this latest setback with great spirit, courage and endurance.

This flashback extra is for our friends in Japan. It features one of Japan’s preeminent heavy metal bands, Loudness, in a video for their song “Heavy Chains” from their 1985 album Thunder in the East, which had brought them States side in a big way.

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