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Book: Voyage in Noise – Warren Ellis and the Demise of Western Civilization

By Kevin Thurman. Because, as Ellis says on his blog: everything is always his fault.

He says it’s partially a book about his work. And, well, it probably also explains in detail how everything [bad] is indeed his fault.

Also remember there is Ellis’ recent book of essays, columns and such:
And, of course, the forthcoming documentary film “Captured Ghosts” on DVD

Because afterall, according to, 2011 is the Year of Ellis.

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  1. As the book's publisher (and the movie's co-producer), I can assure you that Warren is having a laugh about the title. It's not really about how the demise of Western civ is Warren's fault. It's about how Ellis's work connects with this particular moment in Western civilization, in which we're struggling in the wake of postmodernity to figure out where we're headed.


  2. And by the way, Brandon, thanks for the coverage! We're all Ellis fans over here, and these are all labors of love, so it's very much appreciated!


  3. Julian & Kevin,Thanks for stopping by (and what a pleasant surprise). No need to thank me, thought, as I consider Mr. Ellis a mentor and I idolize his brain and his work to no end. His wry, dry wit has amplified my own a bit, as I'm sure you can tell by the way I continued the voice on this news he started on his blog. Like him I knew exactly what the title meant, but it was so easy to have a little fun with it.By the way, I want to thank you fellas for the work you're doing regarding Warren as a person and writer, and his work. I so can't wait for Captured Ghosts. And all the books happening over at Sequart will be must reads as well.Best,-BLR


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