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Battle of the Bands Tournament: Preliminary Play-in Match Three – Leatherwolf VS White Lion

The Match
White Lion:
Pride (1987)
Big Game (1989)
Their best shot: “When the Children Cry”
Street Ready (1989)
Their best shot: “Wicked Ways”

Analysis: Tough match up here. You would think White Lion would win on the strength and beauty of “When the Children Cry” alone. However, despite their handful of standout songs across two albums (including: “Hungry”, “Wait”, “Tell Me”, “Little Fighter”, “If My Mind is Evil”, and their cover of “Radar Love”), the stalwart that is 10 stronger songs in Leatherwolf’s lone ranked album (with standouts to be listed in the next round) makes for a steep challenge for White Lion.

The Winner: Leatherwolf
Obvious pun: the wolf is more savage than the lion.

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