Month: May 2011

Rumor: DC Comics’ Issue One Renumbering – A Complete Reboot?

Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston is reporting on the rumor (leak?) that DC Comics will, in September, be essentially rebooting their entire comics line (DC Universe titles that is; naturally the mature readers/creator-owned line under the Vertigo imprint will be exempt from this). I think this radical move is brilliant and much needed. Especially if you consider that the DC Universe has been so convoluted with timelines and Earths this and Earths that…in an industry that is a sad shell of its former self, hardly ever bringing in new customers, something like this, especially from one of its Big Two publishing houses, is just genius in my opinion. What will this reboot entail? Well, all titles being re-created/restarted as an issue #1 (with little if ANY reference to what has come before…essentially an all new canvas). That’s right, folks. Superman #1. Batman #1. The Flash #1. So on and so forth. I love it (despite not being a huge fan of their superheroes and universe). According to Johnstons’ Bleeding Cool report, this event will happen in …

Website: Popcorn Fiction (Mulholland Books)

A few months ago while perusing the Mulholland Books website (the suspense fiction imprint of Little, Brown and Company and publisher of notable authors such as Lawrence Block, Joe R. Lansdale, Charlie Huston, Greg Rucka and soon, Warren Ellis), I stumbled across the short fiction blog that they also publish, called POPCORN FICTION, featuring cutting edge fiction that’s mostly in the crime and science fiction genres. I can never have too many crime and suspense fiction stories to read, so naturally I subscribed to be notified when a new story has been posted. There are some good reads there. Check it out. A new story by Les Bohem just went up on the front page yesterday. And for any of you working or just aspiring writers out there, here are the submission guidelines for Popcorn Fiction.

Artist: Travis Charest – One of the Most Unique

Travis Charest [shuh-ray] is one of the greatest, most unique illustrators and draftsmen of the modern comics era. It’s a damn shame that he is not turning out regular work today. In fact, he’s been virtually ‘inactive’ for the better part of a decade. Although recently he has returned in a limited capacity doing covers, but very few interior pages. 

Programming Note: June Additions to the Program

Coming in June to this Program: – Brandon Rucker Interview: Yeah I know, I’ve been saying an interview (or two) has been coming for months now, but the persons who were conducting those have flaked out. The one coming next month is actually finished and is a part of a periodical newsletter and a promotional initiative of something I have a huge belief in. – Author Spotlight: Part 2 (of 2) of my conversation with author Bob Thurber @ Liquid Imagination online. – Art Community Interviews: I am connected, either directly or indirectly, to a great deal of artistic people in the world. It’s always nice to have more than one voice or perspective in a forum. So it only makes sense that I should provide a forum to showcase those individuals. In other words, there’s a method to my madness. Muhahahahah! – Found Art Fridays: Way back in 2003-04 when I had a Live Journal blog, I used to find and post various pieces of art that struck me as undeniably beautiful. I need to resume that activity …

Photos: Mastodon in the Studio!

My favorite progressive metallers (apologies to Tool), Mastodon are currently in the studio recording their follow-up to 2009’s most excellent and (literally) stellar concept album, Crack the Skye. YAY!!! Drummer Brann Dailor says the new album will definitely be released this year, saying, “We don’t mess around.” This time they’re working Mike Elizondo as producer, a very interesting pick as he has been known to work with a diverse group of artist in the past, including Fiona Apple, Dr. Dre, Eminem, 50 Cent, Alanis Morrissette, and Marron 5. Dude’s also a hell of a bassist. I love all the basslines he provided for all the Dr. Dre-produced stuff. Anyhoot, I found some in-the-studio photos on the Mastodon rocks website.  Genius guitarists Brent Hinds and Bill Kelliher Thundering bassist Troy Sanders Bombastic drummer (and class clown) Brann Dailor, who always wears interesting T-shirts Is there any better way to rock than with a Marshall and a Gibson? No, I dont’ think so!

Column: Jason Aaron’s “Where the Hell Am I?” – Writers Are Always Writing

Jason Aaron, author/creator of Scalped, The Other Side and writer of a handful of Marvel Comics, posted a very interesting read about writing and being a writer in the latest edition of his column over at, a column called “Where the Hell Am I?”. I usually do an excerpt of actual passages here, but this article has some great quotable lines that I’m just going to post instead: “If you’re a writer, then you should always be writing.” “You’re not truly a writer until you’ve had one of those moments where you suddenly stop whatever you’re doing and have to write something down before you forget it.” “I do my best thinking in the shower.” (So do I.) “Nothing is ever written in a vacuum.” “And if you don’t first learn how to write in your head, then you’ll never be able to write on paper.” Read the entire article here. SIDE NOTE: I had previously thought about boycotting Mr. Aaron as a fair response to his boycotting and downight disrespectful words against the great Alan Moore in a past …

Current Events: Severe Weather

Best wishes (or condolences) to those out there in the plains states and here in the Midwest who are dealing with destruction and tragedy due to the severe weather and tornados that have have ripped through the region in the past few weeks. Moments before writing this from work we had a tornado siren going off nearby after seeing several weather alerts on the dozen TVs we have here in the bullpen. Naturally, I’m the guy making jokes to take the edge off. I’m not too worried because I’m working in the city and rarely ever do tornadoes touch down in urban areas. EDIT: Fast storm. Already it’s calm out there again. For now. RE-EDIT (10:44 PM): Now that I’m home the second wave has moved in and is threatening to hit us in under 15 mins. So, if this is the end…well, goodbye, cruel world! (radar view has real time tracking)