Month: July 2011

New Music: “Black Tongue” by Mastodon

Been meaning to post this for a couple of days now. This past Tuesday Mastodon released a new advance promo for their forthcoming new album The Hunter, with the song “Black Tongue” (see video below). The track is also available for digital download at all major digital music retailers. It’s a great tune and I think it kind of picks up where the last album, Crack the Skye (2009) left off. Actually it probably fits comfortably between that album and its predecessor, Blood Mountain (2006) in style/sound/feel. Also, they’ve announced and official release date of September 27, 2011. So belated happy birthday to me by one day. Yay. 

Notebook 2 | Self-Observation #1

I’m one of those writers who is far more into the creative process — the creation of characters, the development of new ideas, the building plot, all the brainstorming — than I am into the actual writing. Creation is easy, like breathing. Writing is work. Feels like work. Requires the stick-to-it-iveness of work. For the most part it’s enjoyable work, no doubt about it. However… Writing is a mind at work. Creation is a mind at play. I suppose I like to play more than I like to work, so that balance can be a struggle.

Update: Selection & Rejection

In addition to finalizing the Local Heroes manuscript in prepartion of it going to press soon for an August release, I am also in the selecton and rejecton process for the next issue of Liquid Imagination Online (issue #10 goes live August 31st). I have to select six pieces of flash fiction for that particular feature of the webzine. With that small number of stories to feature, I have to reject far more stories than I accept (duh). This is the most regretable part of the entire editing and publishing process. Rejection. Any editor who is also a writer knows all about the sting of rejection from being on the other side of the process. It’s a necessary yet dreadful part of the process. Even if I had an assistant who did all the dirty work of rejection for me, I’d still be affected by it. So far I’ve selected 4 of the 6 and I am happy to report that they contain elements of either the surreal, the fantastic, the bizarre or the anthropomorphic. I sense a …

Promo: The Walking Dead – Season 2 trailers

This first one is the long one from 2011 San Diego Comic Con. It’s a little spoiler-ish because it’s so long, but it’s a really engrossing, immersive watch that you can’t turn your attention from. The second ont is the less spoiler-ish less than two minutes one, which is just as compelling. Enjoy. On, and they’ve finally relased the start date: October 16th. 

Captain America #1 | Spoiler-Free Review

Fetish Flashback. * Originally posted @ World of website. Archive now defunct. * Captain America #1 (Marvel) | “American Dreamers” Part 1 | (S) Ed Brubaker | (A) Steve McNiven & Mark Morales * Spoiler Free * “It’s probably hard to believe…but sometimes I actually forget I’m a man out of time” – Steve Rogers The all-new, but not-quite-all-that-different Captain America #1 (technically Volume 6 if you don’t count Captain America Comics from 1941) is a slight return to form of sorts for the star-spangled man-out-of time, soldier of misfortune and sentinel of liberty (coincidence that all of those start with an ‘s’?). Long-time Cap writer Ed Brubaker, who has been chronicling the adventures of Marvel’s time-displaced Boy Scout for the better part of a decade, and Steve McNiven (he of Marvel Civil War fame) bring Steve Rogers, now the undisputed Captain America again, out of the shadows  and murkiness, which suited the dark intrigue of the previous volume’s tone. This volume apparently aims to be slightly brighter with a feel that is more typical of a superhero adventure comic. …

Weekend Report: The Silver Pen Midwest Summit

This beautful shot of our campsite was lovingly shot Friday night (July 15, 2011) by Sue Babcock (yes, that’s my big dome glowing under the lights) The first ever Silver Pen in-person meeting (and camping adventure) was a success. I even arrived about 20 minutes early to our meeting place on Friday after a 3.75 hour drive (complete with a few detours, most of which by fault of my own). Association Directors in attendence were Liquid Imagination publisher and Managing Editor John “JAM” Arthur Miller (Secretary) and Sue Babcock (Vice President), Silver Pen and SilverBlade founder/publisher, Karl Rademacher (President), lawyer John Krupa (legal consultant) and Me (Treasurer). That’s 5 of the 14 of us on the Board of Directors. Friday was for camping, conversation, gossiping, brainstorming ideas, fire-kindling, relaxation, eating (chipotle brats, YUM!), the boardgame Blokus, urinating in the woods, firefly armada observation (two small children were in tow and in awe), and much spraying of various cans of OFF! bug repellent. And sleep, which I did surprisingly well, all things considered. Didn’t get any reading done, …

Quick Combo Update: What’s Happening

Item 1 – Silver Pen Midwest Summitt Gotta boogie today as I have a bunch of things to do before I traverse the interstate to northern-central Illinois for the first ever Silver Pen Writers’ Associaion Midwest Summitt. Essentially we’re just getting started and we’ve got ton of things to get to on our agenda list, so plenty of talking and planning…and camping? Yeah. Been seven years since I last camped. At least there’s very little risk of a cold morning this time. Item 2 – Like Frozen Statues of Flesh The lastest anthology to feature my fiction (two pieces, actually), Like Frozen Statues of Flesh, a bizarro anthology published by Static Movement, is now available at the Pill Hill Press Shoppe. It was compiled and edited by jumpin’ Joe Jablonski. He was kind enough to accept both my stories “All In a Days Work” and “The Underneath” (funds have been deposited into your Swiss bank account, Joe, as agreed). The book should be available at Amazon soon as well.  Item 3 – Local Heroes …