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Update: Big Ass List o’ Things To Do

Figured posting it publicly will help keep my ass honest and accountable for the work that I need to be doing.

In no particular order:

  • Finish editing final two stories (well, three counting my own) for Local Heroes antho
  • Finish putting together the LH book manuscript in Word, making sure it’s in at least near-perfect form before sending it off to Ms. Bartholomew for finalization and publishing.
  • Redesign this blog
  • Set up all kinds of web shit for my pen names, including blogs, Twitter, Good Reads (and down the road Facebook accts)
  • Attend Silver Pen Writers Association Midwest Summit in northern Illinois next weekend (4-hour drive)
  • Finish up “Cult Storm” and get it off to One Hour antho editor, Dorothy Davies.
  • Publish short story e-books under assorted pen names on Smashwords, after a thorough spot-checking of the stockpiled works to be presented.
  • Design e-book covers (fun, necessary, but tedious, time-consumng and I’m a hack at it)
  • Select, edit and accept flash fiction stories for issue #9 (Aug) of Liquid Imagination
  • Continue/finish reading the assorted stack of books on my desk that I’ve amassed from the library, some of them for entertainment, others for research.
  • Start “Self-Observations” and “The List” series on this here blog
  • Finish Battle of the Bands Tournament that was started in March and unceremoniously postponed in April
  • Write Paperboy review for Daniel Clausen’s book review website.
  • Compose/record theme music piece AND write poem/lyrics for spoken word overdub (my voice) intro for enhanced e-book, Tooth and Claw: A Werewolf Anthology for Liquid Imagination
  • Put together much smaller version of short story collection (than originally planned) to be published on Smashwords; perhaps as a hard copy chapbook as well in the Fall
  • Re-commence intense work on novel (was supposed to be in July, but looking more like, shit, I don’t even know, probably the Fall now)
  • Stop taking on new projects; get plate clean, calendar cleared and get more selfish, demanding and possessive about creative free time (novel can’t be written by osmosis via brainwave transcriptions)

So much to do.

So little time.

Not nearly enough Me by a huge margin.


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