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UPDATE: Countdown To . . . Four-Oh

In just 30 days (including today) I will enter a new phase in life, a new realm of existence, a new age demographic, a new set of numbers to equate a decade of life. Yes, I will turn . . . 40.

Wow. Just to see the number in stark black and white is pretty stunning. But it’s not something that really creeps on you because by my age you will have already developed (almost daily) aches and pains in various joints, muscles, bones and what have you.

Still, there’s the actuality of the momentous occasion happening. Considering the year I’ve had (there must be some truth to the bad luck of the number 13), I don’t think I’m in any position to complain about getting a year older.

Celebrate life, not bemoan it, right?

Just a month to go . . .

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I read. I write. I rock. Art is life and life should immitate it.

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