Month: January 2014

Linkage: From Horse to Mouse – Speculating the STAR WARS Comics Transfer

Over at is an article I wrote speculating on Star Wars comics life after Dark Horse, wondering Marvel which writers could be a good fit to try their hand at penning the further adventures of Luke Skywalker and company. At the end of the article, I ask: Who do you want to see writing Star Wars comics for Marvel? Check out the article via this linkage.   

Video: Indie Rapper MURS Has a Comic Book Fetish Too

Old video brought to my attention via the Love and Rockets – The Hernandez Brothers Facebook page (there’s a shout-out to L&R), but it’s cool to see the inside of the awesome illustrious Midtown Comics, which I wish I had the luxury to visit every week. That’s a store, right there! Anywho, this guy’s geek cred seems solid, although he confused Brian K. Vaughan w/ Brian Azzarello. Other shout-outs include: Fiona Staples, Greg Pak and his own Kickstarter comic. Check it out.

2013 Fetish Favorites: Publishers Fetish Five

I’ll keep this brief. As listed on the sidebar, this list has not changed much throughout the year as far as which publisher appears on it, mainly because it is subjective to my personal tastes and what I’m reading. Without further ado, here is, in my humble/esteemed estimation, the best comics publishers of 2013. 1. Image (including imprints: Shadowline, Skybound & Top Cow) The Activity, Artifacts, Cyber Force, East of West, Fatale, Five Ghosts, Jupiter’s Children, Lazarus, Manhattan Projects, Nowhere Men, Rat Queens, Revival, Rocket Girl, Saga, Sex, Sex Criminals, Snapshot, Thief of Thieves and The Walking Dead.   2. Marvel Avengers, New Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, Young Avengers, Daredevil Hawkeye and X-Men   3. DC (including the Vertigo imprint) 100 Bullets: Brother Lono, Batman and Robin, Batman Incorporated, Coffin Hill, Harley Quinn and Justice League Dark   4. Valiant Harbinger, Shadowman, Harbinger Wars, Bloodshot and X-O Manowar   5. Boom! Day Men, Hit!, Polarity and Suicide Risk   If this list was six, Dark Horse would fill that slot due to …Killjoys, Star Wars & The Victories, …

Gallery: THE PRIVATE EYE – New Prints section Available NOW!

Art by Marcos Martin Coming in via e-mail yesterday was a notice informing me that there are new digital prints available featuring art from the run-away hit digital comic series The Private Eye, created by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Marcos Martin (with colors by the exceptional Munsta Vicente). Above is the only black and white offering which goes for $50 (plus $10 for shipping). Head on over to the Panel Syndicate Shop page to check them out and maybe purchase one or all of them.

Gallery: 1st Issue in a Bold New Direction of INVINCIBLE at Image EXPO

We all know Robert Kirkman loves doing his own riff on those Marvel teasers, and given the current movement at Marvel, I’d say this little Image EXPO teaser falls right in line. So, in other words, don’t be fooled into thinking that the Skybound/Image title will actually be getting relaunched. Now or ever. Kirkman’s an independent creator very proud of his longevity and the legacy numbering of his titles. This is just for fun, shits n’ giggles. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have.

2013 Fetish Favorites: Cover Artists Fetish Five

Since I’m late doing my “best of list” from 2013, you all should know by now why the following names and titles show up here, so I won’t belabor with my own personal gushing this time. This is more “at-a-glance” and for comparison and archival purposes. There are more cover artists than interior artists, so this is always a hard list to pull from, and there’s always someone you forget to mention. These top my list. 1. Adam Hughes – Fairest and various others     2. Dave Johnson – 100 Bullets: Brother Lono, various B.P.R.D. series and various variants   3. Francesco Francavilla – Afterlife with Archie, Black Beetle, Dark Shadows, Doctor Who, numerous others 4. Marc Silvestri – Batman: Black and White, Cyber Force,  Aphrodite IX, other variants     5. Fiona Staples – Saga Honorable Mentions: David Aja, Jenny Frison, Jamie McKelvie, Jock, and Sean Phillips (seriously, this list could go on and on and on…)   Who’s on your list?

CBF Update: Week 2

More 2013 Fetish Favorites to come this week as I finally push the last year out of my rear-view mirror. I’ve also updated the Fetish Five Comics to reflect my favorite comic reads of December. This month I especially look forward to debuting series such as Deadly Class, Black Widow & Veil, plus new favorites Rocket Girl, Rat Queens, Sex Criminals & Velvet, and of course old favorites like Lazarus, Saga & Young Avengers. A few series in-progress that I’m looking to finally check out include Coffin Hill, Pretty Deadly & Sheltered as I patiently trade-wait those. On television this month I look forward to a couple of new shows: HBO’s True Detective and CBS’s Intelligence. Also, the return of favorites Almost Human, The Blacklist, Sleepy Hollow and yeah, I guess you can throw Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in there too to see how it improves. Will have to wait for Feb. 9th for the Walking Dead’s winter/spring return. I’ve recently added two new sections to the tabs menu: Linkage – for quick access to the …

Video: GRANT MORRISON: Talking with Gods

Video courtesy of ComicBookTherapy on You Tube. Eh, what the hell, why not a double-feature on Saturday Night Theater. This time it’s another “controversial” (I kinda hate that word) comics author by the name of Grant Morrison. Maybe you’ve heard of him. Produced by Respect Films and those awesome people over at Sequart, Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods is a pretty darn cool watch. Love him or hate him, Morrison is a true visionary talent. As the disclaimer on the You Tube page notes, this is: Presented here for educational, criticism, entertainment and nostalgia purposes only. All rights held by copyright owner and any content will be removed immediately at their request.