Month: June 2014

Review: RED CITY #1 (Image Comics) by Daniel Corley and Mark Dos Santos

There’s nothing in comics I hate more than poo-pooing a new hopeful Image comic, but I just read Red City #1 and have come away a bit let down after admittedly hyping myself up for it due to its purported futuristic sci-fi/hardboiled crime concept. How was it? In a word: unimpressive. Firstly, it’s hardly hardboiled or noirish (at least not yet). And I believe I read somewhere that the creators really don’t intend for it to have the traditional dark trappings — the incessant pessimism and suppressive atmosphere — of hardboiled crime/noir. So a different take, which I totally support, but it’s probably best to simply not use the words “hardboiled” or “noir” when describing Red City. Only one issue in, the story has the makings for a fun series. But the exposition-disguised-as-first-person-narration really bogs down the narrative drive. I got bored pretty early with it because of its voice. Worst yet, in a book of this kind, this genre, the dialogue should really bounce and be the sharp hook, but unfortunately it was not. I totally understand the need for world-building, especially in …

Promo: VELVET by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting

Edit I‘ve just finished reading the first arc of VELVET by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting. It’s a really classy book…a spy caper/paranoid thriller book with style and grace. If you enjoyed what these two did on Captain America and the Winter Soldier books in the past, you’ll likely dig this too. I think it’s Brubaker’s best work to date, and Steve Epting’s art is even sleeker than it was on those Marvel books. Love the female lead, Velvet Templeton. Trade collection of the first 5 issues comes out on June 18th for $9.99.