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ADVICE: Be a Peformer and Write Like a Boss

cropped-cropped-8f6df-typewriter1971ws255b2255d1.jpgFull disclosure: Yes, I am the furthest thing from a writing “expert”, however that won’t stop me from sharing my own personal insight on the matter.

I’ve said it elsewhere in writing workshops and online studios, and I’ve said it here: (most) writing is performance art. Why? Because it is done with the notion that someone — hopefully many someones — other than the author will read it. So my sound advice is for any writer expecting an audience is that you should WRITE AS IF YOU ARE A PERFORMER of the highest calling and with the highest reputation. Why? Because you’ll write to your best ability. That means your spelling should be precise, your grammar nearly impeccable, your diction on-point and your syntax sensational. Even if you’re just blogging (which is essentially what I’m doing here as I write this), write as if MILLIONS will be reading your words (hell, pretend you’re Stephen King if that gets you in the right big scope frame of mind). What do you have to lose? Nothing significant. But you have the potential to gain plenty, and at minimum you keep your writing mind sharp, your literary muscles trained and toned and your proofreading/editing faculties on constant alert.

I’m fairly OCD about this stuff and I am not ashamed to admit that I am not above editing several times a social media post on Facebook or Twitter (or anything that is public) however many times it takes to ensure the writing is correct of omissions, typos and misspellings. Hell, I’ll even replace a word if I feel my original diction was suspect. Why? Simply because what I noted above, but also because I can’t attach the titles “author” and “editor” to my name like I have the last 15-plus years if I’m not going to ensure that I write to the best of my ability at least 99% of the time. It’s also a mindset that I just can’t seem to turn off, it is pretty much automatic for me to approach all of my writing that way. In short, it’s about setting a standard and not falling short of it. So proofread heavily and don’t be satisfied or impressed too easily with your words the first time around. It’s very likely you can make it better, even on an infinitesimal level. Also, it’s my belief that if you read at least as much as you write then it should be easy and natural to adopt this mindset.

And as they say, writers write, so write daily and do so to the best of your ability. Even if it’s something no one’s going to ever read, still write it with a purpose. Write like a boss.

Another full disclosure: It’s very likely this serves the dual purpose of also being a pep talk to myself.

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