Month: September 2014

Comic Book Fetish Favorites – August 2014

So I’ve expanded out to 18 books read this month, can 20 really be far behind? Overall I would say that critically August was right on par with July, with both being better than June. As always, given my 1st issue fetish, there are a few #ones here: Dead @ 17, The Fade Out, The Multiversity and SIP Kids. Also of note: Marvel hits twice in the Top 5. WTH? Let’s see how this all shakes out below. 1. Saga #22 (Image) 4.5 – Happy to say that after a three issue “slump” (as if still scoring 4 out of 5 from me is all that bad) Saga is back to hitting the 4.5 or better bar set by the first 18 issues. Also, three other words about this issue: King Robot. Wow. 2. Sex Criminals #7 (Image) 4.5 – Still one of the most unique high concepts in the market. Still consistently a great read (like those early issues of Saga). Still Matt Fraction writing at his best. Still moving the story along while exploring the past. Sadly, …

Don’t Call It a Throwback | Thoughts on Storm #2

So this issue was good and I would say better than #1. It opens with a classic Claremontian-styled scene between Ororo and Logan. Logan and Hank’s guest appearances feel so classic, Greg Pak seems to have recalled the spirit of middle era Uncanny X-Men. This would fit so well in mid-1980s UXM in tone. Pak seems to be writing this like he’s been handed a new character for a new audience, and that’s not a bad thing. It works. Each issue so far has been self-contained, and I will only nitpick that they almost have the feel of a TV episode where things wrap up neatly by the end, all nice and pat. But that’s how they did it in the old school “compressed storytelling” days of the Golden and Silver Ages, and if I’m honest, that’s what I’ve been advocating for over at Marvel — less decompressed storytelling. If only they’d apply some of this to their marquee titles, especially the team books. I give this issue a 4.0