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Dream a Little Scream of Me

Dreams and ScreamsThis poem was originally featured in the speculative fiction and poetry print anthology Dreams and Screams, published by Liquid Imagination Magazine in mid 2010. I wrote it in December of 2009 around the same time I wrote a couple of other little spec-fic poems that will show up on this site soon. I had a great time with this one as the cadence came to me immediately and I knew that would add to the overall hook and help make it more memorable. Fun Fact: the printed and digital versions contain an un-proofed typo in line 22. Totally my gaffe to own.

“Dream a Little Scream of Me”

by Brandon L. Rucker


Dream a little dream of me

When you sleep

I will creep

On your fears and superstitions

While you pray

I will play

I’m the lurker in your closet


Yes I can

Make you fear what lay in shadows

Scaredy cat


I’m the ghoul beneath your bed

I breed fright

When there’s no light

Fill you up with dread and doubt

Am I a lie

You decide

I’m the monster in your nightmares

Sending thrills

That give you chills

Just dream a big ol’ scream for me

Then face the fears

That you hold dear


Copyright © 2009 by Brandon L. Rucker

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