Month: February 2015

A Literary PSA: Samantha Winston – The Perfect Alternative to Fifty Shades of Grey

Instead of watching Fifty Shades of Grey (or, perish the thought, reading the books), how about instead you get your erotica fix from Samantha Winston who writes smart, substantive, steamy and sexy erotic literature with huge doses of romance.  As her website says: sexy stories that will warm your heart while heating you up!  Given the intense frigidity of the winter season, that’s a welcome thing, right?  Published across six different imprints, there are over two dozen selections to choose from  in Ms. Winston’s library.  Some notables are: Hotline (Totally Bound) Gladys Hawke (Ellora’s Cave: Aeon) The Wife School (Red Sage Publishing) Llewellyn’s Song (Ellora’s Cave: Xanadu) Fun facts: Samantha Winston is the pen name of Jennifer Macaire, an American-born and raised freelance writer/illustrator who was born in Kingston, NY, and lived in Samoa, California, and the Virgin Islands.  She graduated from St. Peter and Paul high school in St. Thomas and moved to NYC where she modeled for five years for Elite.  She attended Parsons School of Design for Fine Art, and Palm Beach Junior College for Art and English …

The Rucker Report: Week 6, 2015 – Back on the Scenes

After recently receiving very awful news concerning some loved ones and then mourning with them the kind of loss that no parent ever wants to experience, the universe has managed to shine some glory my way and I’m happy to share the good news in this update. From the dead of winter in Indiana: Hello, friends and curious followers. After a week of snowfall and great frigidity, we recently experienced The Great Thaw. Of course, that was only temporary, because, you know, Winter is a mad and persistent bastard and he returned pissed as ever today. According to that grumpy groundhog, we’re going the full long, cold distance with this thing, which should be a surprise to absolutely no one. Before I get to writing and publishing news, I first must share the good news that I am again a member of a band of musicians. It’s been since, oh my, winter of 2009 because that’s when my last band Motosota called it quits. This new band (currently unnamed), which I take full responsibility for …

Station Identification

The Rucker Report for Week 6 of 2015 arrives tomorrow afternoon. Until then…Be well. Be merry. Stay warm. Have a Happy Monday tomorrow. I know, that’s a tall order because Mondays are quite formidable bastards. LINKAGE: I sometimes write creative non-fiction and musings at: Hello, Blank Page Other follows, if you so dare: Facebook: Author’s Page Twitter: RuckerWrites Tumblr: Causing a Ruckus – BLR