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Journal Juice 10 | Burden of Talent

There’s something to be said about the burden of talent. When one believes he has it, right or wrong, he is bound and driven to do something with it. And just like the talent itself, the constant nagging to use it is innate. I can’t watch TV for more than three hours because I get an anxious voice in my head chastising me, saying “You should be in your office creating. Slacker.”  And reading? A few pages in and my mind is saying “Why are you reading another person’s words when you should be writing your own, slacker?” Nevermind the fact that to write well one must read often. Sigh. And while at work?  There’s no bigger conflict of interest for a creative person than having to work any job that isn’t one that allows for an expression of one’s creativity.

A creative mind never sleeps.  A creative soul is forever restless.


Reading: The Drop by Dennis Lehane, Hard Feelings by Jason Sarrr



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  3. Funny- I call it the Catholic School Syndrome – I can’t sit down for more than a couple hours to watch TV because I’m supposed to first clean the house, wash the windows, write at least two chapters, paint a masterpiece, cook a six course meal, do the laundry – or else I’ll go to Hell.

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