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SHE CAME FROM BEYOND! Author Nadine Darling

Nadine DarlingIt’s a trend. Author friends and their books. Lady author friends at that. Folks, meet the lovely Nadine Darling, author, wife, mother and pop culture authority. Her forthcoming debut novel, She Came From Beyond(from Overlook Press), is due out October 2015, in hardcover. See the spectacular cover below? Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.  However, prior to that far off date is a signing event she’s attending two weeks from today (in two Saturdays on May 30th). She’ll be signing galley versions of the aforementioned novel at BookCon from 2:00 – 3:00 PM, Location: Booth # 3037 at the Javits Center in Manhattan, NY.  Check her out if you’re there.  Google her name to find her short fiction published across the web. And remember, the proper release of She Came From Beyond! is out in October (I’ll update details here as I get them). Peace.


She Came from Beyond

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