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Journal Juice 12 | A Little Less Alone

Bran Pensive2It’s amazing the futility creating art in obscurity can be. You’re a virtual unknown with an unproven track record as a creative entity. Sure, you’ve had a dozen or so of your stories published, half that number in poetry published, and at least 50 journalistic articles published, yet still your readership seems ethereal. It may be hyperbolic to say that absolutely no one knows the work you’ve created – the stories you’ve written and had published, the articles you’ve penned and published as well, the music you’ve crafted on your own and shared with an unsuspecting world, only to receive the response of crickets in an empty amphitheater – but that’s exactly what it oftentimes feels like.

The whole reason creatives absolutely have to share their creations, even within what’s essentially a vacuum, is not so much about the hope and quest for validation, although that is certainly a strong motivator, but the primary reason is to simply to connect with others, provided an audience is found. Art is about bringing together disparate souls that would otherwise not ever come in contact with one another. It is in that instance that we all become a little less alone.


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  2. It is the act of creating that sustains me. Being in that sweet zone when things unbelievably click. You are already brave for creating on your own terms!

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    • Thanks Andrew. At my core I do love merely creating a bit more than I do the actual writing. I’m sure you’ll agree that writings is HARD work and often for little gratification or reward…at least when you’re a virtual unknown.

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      • As Hawthorne said, “Good reading is damn hard writing”. I still think about taking what I imagine and placing directly on paper. It seems perfect… right up until I try to write! Here’s to inspiration and never giving up on your true passion!

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