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Daybook 5 | The Sound of Fiction

So sometime last week I had been lamenting the fact that while working at the day job I had burned myself out on listening to music and podcasts on my iPod and needed a third option, at the very least. That’s when the little light bulb went off in my head and alerted me that I would love to be listening to fiction while at work and could simply load my iPod up with audiobooks. Genius, right? Yeah, I thought so as well. So this past week I ventured to my local public library a few times with the intention of stocking up on audiobooks that I would burn to my PC and then migrate them over to my iPod. Sounds simple enough, and it essentially is, if a bit tedious since the minimum amount of discs I’ve found to be contained is 6, which of course was for a breezy crime novel. A lot of them are 12 – 14 discs, so as the saying goes, there’s no gain without pain.

The point I really want to make here is that after a week of listening to fiction, while also reading novels, I’ve found that it’s also served both my muse and my internal voice because just like reading, the auditory consumption also helps keep your prose and narrative skills sharp. And since I’m trying like crazy to get myself back on the road to regular writing, this daily activity is working its magic on a subconscious level. Moving forward, if I’m ever unable to gets some regular reading in, I’m going to resort to audiobooks.

The sound of fiction. It’s an underrated powerful thing in these days long since the old radio dramas of the 1940s were killed off by the advent of television in the 1950s.

It’s even got me thinking of doing some recorded readings of my own stories at some point. Then again, I dunno. While I may certainly have the voice for it, my Midwestern accent kind of spoils it a bit, IMO. So I might experiment with it, or simply leave it to the professionals.

I’ve checked out a whopping 18 audiobooks this past week and have listened to four thus far. The most notable one to this point has been Stephen King’s The Bazaar of Bad Dreams. When you’re a big time bestseller like Uncle Stevie – hell, an American institution, you tend to get the best production (i.e. budget) in audiobooks. Bad Dreams is another short story collection by Mr. King and with well over a dozen short stories, it also boasts just as many voice performers such as Dylan Baker, Hope Davis, Will Patton, Brooke Bloom and King himself, whose interludes include so many great Constant Reader addresses with backstory insights into the stories and poignant quotes, one of which I shared here the other day.

Now if you will please excuse me, I have a, um, plethora of discs to load up.


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