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Weekly Workbook 1 | A Slow Start

But not a quite a false start.

So last week was the dry run of the all-new Weekly Workbook series (replacing the lapsed one of old), where I basically hold myself personally accountable for the past week’s work, or lack thereof. Perhaps it can inspire you to do the same or something similar if you need to. I haven’t filed a proper Workbook entry in a few months and with all things being in the spirit of refreshing/renewal, it’s something I need to start doing here again, if I do anything here at all. The first week of the year was not a great one, so here we go . . .

Last Week’s Listed Objectives

  • Find gainful employment – ONGOING. But there did occur a very good and encouraging interview late last week that has me quite optimistic. Just have to endure the waiting game while the hunt continues in the meantime.
  • Organize (and individually code-name) my list of projects – COMPLETED.
  • Write updated descriptions of all projects (to better pitch to collaborators) – INCOMPLETE. I did set myself up for failure on this one, as it is quite the task given the number of projects on my docket. Instead I should isolate it to the ones speaking loudest to me at the moment.
  • Reconfigure the Projects page – INCOMPLETE. Due to the above.
  • Commence production on sample pages – INCOMPLETE. Like item number three above, which this hinges upon, I need to recalibrate this task to something more manageable.

Add-on Objectives

  • Create the perfect name for PROJECT ANTI-MEDIA’s protagonist/heroine – COMPLETED.
  • Join Deviant Art – COMPLETED. I finally created an account/profile for myself. This has been a very long time coming having been a longtime lurker there. However, although I’m a huge art junkie, my main purpose for establishing a presence there is to forge relationships with artists, the kind whom I hope to convert into prospective actual collaborators. LINKAGE:
  • ‘Reactivate Twitter’ – COMPLETED. With my decreased presence on Facebook I decided to ‘reactivate’ my Twitter accounts. I like to stay connected but I just don’t need to spend inordinate amounts of time in social media. Twitter, with its inherent extremely transient nature, is perfect for me right now — get in & get out, quickly. Thing is a specific circle of my friends, the ones I geek out with daily, are not as active on Twitter as they once were since we migrated to FB. That actually may not be a bad thing, all things considered, as I don’t really need the distraction anyway. LINKAGE: @RuckinWithYou / @RuckerWrites

This Week’s Objectives

  • Continue to pound the proverbial pavement.
  • Continue creating and naming characters.
  • As scenes or passages of prose arrive in my mind, write them out.
  • Pursue any micorfiction urges, let them flow uninhibited.
  • Write project descriptions, focusing on the seven that are speaking loudest.
  • Loosely outline/update the plots for PROJECT MACABRE, PROJECT BLOOD-BORNE and PROJECT GUNPLAY.
  • Work on rebuilding both the About Me and Project pages on the main blog.
  • Update the Ruckerpedia site with more content from the Vault.
  • Update the CBF site’s side bar info.
  • Resist the urge to play guitar . . . or . . .
  • Give in to the urge to play guitar. Or bass.
  • Try to publish Weekly Workbook 2 on its proper day of Sunday.


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