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Hello and Welcome!

Hey there, Dear Readers! I humbly welcome all the new followers this year so far and want to thank you all, new and old, for following and reading. Listen, I sometimes don’t know exactly what I’m doing with this blog space here — hell, I can’t even settle on a permanent name or layout, but I know I totally appreciate you letting it scroll across your eyes from time to time.

There are many reasons people start blogs, of course. The general idea for this blog when I started it over on Blogger back in 2009 was primarily to get me to write somewhat regularly and keep my diction and syntax sharp because I learned the hard way that going long periods without writing with purpose regularly can severely affect the quality of prose for your fiction. Yet, little did I know that writing nonfiction (i.e. journalism, blogging and social media) more often than writing fiction would have an adverse affect on one’s own literature. But that’s a separate topic for another day.

The secondary purpose for this blog is about connecting with other interesting people and intellectual minds, sharing our thoughts, interests, passions, gripes and ideas with each other, and more. So the intent was always for this to be an interactive forum as well. As some of you already know, I write, I read, I rock — sometimes all at the same time. I’m a literary rockin’ bookworm, if you will. So I also like sharing what I’m reading, writing, listening to, what I’m doing creatively, what I’m thinking, what I’m watching and what I’m creating and working on creatively. Y’know, normal blog stuff.

Of course you can learn more on the About page and the bio/credits page. You can sample a small portion of my fiction/lyrics/poetry work in the library or sample a small portion of my music on the virtual jukebox.

Starting this week (today in fact) I will be doing a weekly Q&A with myself, and also starting this week I will have the first part of a trilogy Q&A/Guest Blog session with friend and author Jennifer Macaire. Be sure to check it out.

Recently I added widgets to the site layout that showcases the other WP bloggers I follow and am friendly with so make sure you check those fine folks out when you get a chance and maybe give’em a follow too. You should also check out the Guest Blog section where the cool kids have left their own interesting mark.

Okay, this went on longer than planned. Have a wonderful rest of the week and I’ll be seeing ya around.



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