Month: May 2017

Why Writers Shouldn’t Blog Too Much | Vincent Mars

Blogging can take over your writing life. You may have reached a point where you have to ask yourself this question — is blogging distracting me from my more ambitious work? Many of us have started our blogs thinking it’s good for our writing careers. We need more than good writing if we want to be writers, we know. We need the exposure that a blog can bring us. We need an online reputation. We need connections. Blogging can help bring us all of these. But every minute you spend writing a blog post or reading comments is a minute you don’t spend working on your larger writing projects. And there will be many days when blogging will seem so much easier than revising that long manuscript you’ve been working on for years. READ MORE via Why Writers Shouldn’t Blog Too Much — boy with a hat

“How to Become a Prolific Writer” | Nicole Bianchi

The powerful process that will help you write more in 2017 Have you ever looked at the bibliographies of prolific writers and wondered how on earth they write so many books? Do they just have an incredible amount of time to devote to writing? A motor inside their hands that keeps them typing away? A writing refuge where they can hide to block out all distractions from the world? Actually, the answer is much simpler. These prolific writers usually don’t lead unconventional lives nor do they possess any superhuman powers. Rather they have developed a single habit that anyone can master: setting a daily word count goal and following through every day. Read on to discover the daily word counts of several prolific authors (some of these may surprise you!), and the best way to set your own daily word count goal and follow through each day. Click the link to continue “How to Become a Prolific Writer” @NicoleJBianchi

In Full Swing in Spring (it seems)

~ Lifebook #17 ~ Spring always brings turbulent weather and this year’s season of renewal has been no exception. A monsoon season in both April and May? C’mon, now, that’s going a bit overboard. May is usually my favorite month of the year because of a few reasons, such as it being a period of time (usually) beyond extreme weather, a time of moderate temperatures (usually), the flowers are in full bloom and the NBA Playoffs are happening. It’s arguable that May, along with October, is the most beautiful month of the year. I do like beautiful things. This Spring brings things that seem to represent my getting back into the swing of things. To wit: Started a new job recently, effectively returning me to the mortgage business. The new position comes with my highest salary yet. That’s kind of the idea as you progress through your working life, whether transitioning to a new industry or remaining in the same one. It’s rare that your cost of living decreases over time in this society, so continued growth …

DARK SOCIAL | Warren Ellis

“Dark Social” is the notion that people share “content” via private/secure messaging apps, one-to-one or one-to-select-group.  That social sharing activity can’t be measured in any useful way.  There is no freely-available prosumer tool to quantify the sharing of a link.  Hence, they call it “dark social.”  When you hear someone say “dark social,” they’re bemoaning the inability to get click reports off of actual conversation.  Because when you see someone on the street head-down in their phone and dabbing away at the screen, they’re not cut off from the outside world.  They’re talking to people. Fuck your Black Mirror narrative – they’re just more interested in a window to their friends and family than they are in you peering at them in judgement.  And all that action of being engaged in a life of having your loved ones in your hand all the time and being able to show them things and talk about it?  That’s Dark Social now. — Warren Ellis on today’s MORNING, COMPUTER post.

Top Comic Book Sales for April 2017 | Comic Spectrum

If you’re Marvel, then yes, shipping 93 comics, many of which are $4.99, when your biggest competitor is shipping 78 comics, at least half of which are $2.99, will always help your chances in being the market leader — especially when you’re playing the 1st issue onslaught game that retailers have absolutely no choice in playing if they want to continue to generate revenue. — Comic Book Fetish NEW TITLES SHIPPED PUBLISHER COMICS SHIPPED GRAPHIC NOVELS SHIPPED MAGAZINES SHIPPED TOTALSHIPPED MARVEL COMICS 93 41 0 134 DC ENTERTAINMENT 78 33 1 112 IMAGE COMICS 57 11 1 69 IDW PUBLISHING 47 15 0 62 DARK HORSE COMICS 20 21 0 41 BOOM ENTERTAINMENT 26 12 0 38 VIZ MEDIA 0 30 0 30 TITAN COMICS 23 2 1 26 DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT 15 6 0 21 ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS 12 3 0 15 OTHER NON-TOP 10 108 112 31 251 Event & Batman on Top…Nothing New! X-Men Back on Top? Will it Last? Is Digital Behind the Drop in Print Sales? It should be no surprise …


In Joe Hill’s most recent newsletter (subscribe here) he shared the cover and some information about his next book, a collection of four short novels called STRANGE WEATHER. There’s even generous preview over at Entertainment Weekly’s website. From his newsletter, Joe Hill writes: My next book, STRANGE WEATHER, a collection of four short novels, is out this October (early November in the U.K.). It opens with “Snapshot,” the story of a man known as the Phoenician, who carries a modified Polaroid camera that can steal memories. An earlier draft of that novella appeared in Cemetery Dance 74/75, although the version in the book includes a few new chapters. “Loaded” tells the story of a mall security guard who becomes an overnight hero to the gun rights movement after he single handedly takes on a mass shooter. But as his story of bravery begins to crack, so does his sanity, and on a breathlessly hot Florida afternoon, he reaches for the gun again, and embarks on a day of reckoning. The third novella, “Aloft,” strands a young …