Month: December 2017

Wattpad and FictionPress

Wattpad | FictionPress Asking for a friend — I have questions about each. Those of you who have experienced either or both: Have you uploaded your writing works to either? What has your experience been like — pros and cons? Is there a good community — is it legit? Do you use the Wattpad app or FictionPress mobile on your phone/tablet? Overall, have you found your association with either to be beneficial to your writing, or to you personally, or your quest for readers — beta or actual? Wattpad looks like a serious platform for the serious, dedicated writer and perfect for serialized storytelling/publishing. Meanwhile, FictionPress looks like a kind of successor online workshop for aspiring writers — a platform not too much unlike what we had at the Zoetrope Virtual Studio in the late 90s and early aughts — except it’s postings are open to the public (unlike the ZVS). Any info you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.  

NSWM 2018 Edition

I haven’t read one of these in long, long time. Stumbled across the newest edition at the library yesterday. Worth a look-see if I decide to start submitting and publishing short stories again next year. The last time I submitted a story and published a byline was nearly three years ago and prior to that one it was nearly fours since. There’s certainly some rust to shake off for that whole process and ordeal.

Nic Pizzolatto on Writing

I recently finished reading Pizzolatto’s debut southern crime novel Galveston. While reviewing it on Goodreads I stumbled across this video. After hearing something he said here it got me I’m thinking maybe that’s been my problem over the last 25 years, because I’ve always also been a musician, maybe not full-time, but certainly in tandem with also being a writer. Music came first, some five years prior to writing. I can’t live without either, though. About the Author: Nic Pizzolatto is an American novelist, screenwriter, and producer. Pizzolatto was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was educated at the University of Arkansas and Louisiana State University. The author of two books, he taught fiction and literature at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of Chicago, and DePauw University before leaving academia in 2010. He is the creator, writer, executive producer of the HBO crime drama TRUE DETECTIVE.