Month: May 2018

Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi

Post #539 So the graphic above of ROTTEN TOMATOES’ STAR WARS movie ratings — as well as some fellow geek-culture friends and beyond — has inspired me to defend my beloved RETURN OF THE JEDI once again. So . . . Ewoks aside (because they’re everyone’s whipping teddies), what the hell is so wrong about EPISODE VI? Granted I was only 9 when I first saw the movie in the theater, but all the Darth Vader (his eternal inner conflict with his better self, which he finally bested) and Emperor Palpatine (such pure diabolical evil, and the Dark Force lightning!!!) stuff left such an indelible mark on my young psyche. And then there’s the Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa twin sibling reveal, Yoda’s cryptic message and (un)timely death. The excellent opening scenes and set pieces at Jaba’s palace — and Jaba himself for fuck’s sake, that fat slab of gangster kingpin, and of course Salacious Crumb, the Sarlac pit, the green light saber, Leia and Lando in spy/infiltration and rescue mode, Leia and Han’s romance, …

“Create something today even if it sucks”

Guest Blog | The following quotes are from the Medium blog post ‘Create something today even if it sucks’ by @emilywarna. Click the title for the full article. We all have those days. The days of writer’s block; the days of beating ourselves into the ground over not being able to produce. When we think every piece of content we create is terrible. When we think our mind is letting us down. We often forget that being good takes practice. Consistency requires dedication. Dedication to the craft, and dedication to yourself. So ask yourself: ‘Who am I creating for?’ Reassess who you’re trying to impress. Remember, you’re writing for yourself just as much as for your audience. By producing piece after piece, you’re setting yourself up for future victories. You’re identifying your strengths and weaknesses, how you function best, what circumstances you thrive under. You’re identifying your creative hours.  

Fetish Fix: ISOLA #2 (Image Comics)

After just two issues in, ISOLA from Image Comics might just be the next SAGA. I’d definitely recommend it to SAGA fans, maybe EXTREMITY and MONSTRESS (also from Image Comics) fans as well. A sufficient amount of positive word-of-mouth could help push this promising new fantasy series to the heights it deserves already. Certain manga fans could dig this as well. #Isola #FetishFix #FetishFav

Love Is a Racket – Finally, Formally on My Shelf!

So yesterday I finally acquired the hardcover edition of one of my all-time favorite crime novels, Love Is a Racket (1998) by novelist/graphic novelist, showrunner and Academy Award-winning screenwriter John Ridley (you probably know of him or his work — Google him). I originally discovered and read this book in the Summer of 1999 and was addicted to it from the first page. I had checked it out in hardcover form from my public library. Already over a year past its initial release by the time I came to know it, the chances of acquiring it in hardcover at Barnes and Noble or Borders were slim-to-none, and used booksellers like Half-Price Books were an unlikely longshot (I’d never seen it on used shelves). So I just kept checking the damn thing out at various library branches every few years when I had the itch to read it (and wanted to recharge my own crime-noir prose batteries). I practically took ownership of this precious tome, hoarding it to myself for the full checkout duration multiple times and, yes, paying who …

Now Reading: Words for Pictures (2014, BMB)

I am 35 (of 210) pages in of Words for Pictures: The Art and Business of Writing Comics and Graphic Novels (2014) by Brian Michael Bendis (Jessica Jones, upcoming Superman) and it is actually a pretty good read so far. Bendis tends to get a bad rap from a small but vocal segment of comic book fandom, but given his massive success in both the indie & corporate side of the comics publishing game with nearly two and a half decades of experience, the guy has much wisdom to impart on the subject of writing comics and graphic novels. Dude holds a professorship for comics/graphic novels courses at Oregon. There aren’t many books out there like this one and if you’re an intellectual you will glean information from any reliable source. #BookwormRuckus #ReadToFeed #ReadToSeed #ReadToSucceed

Free Comic Book Day 2018 – The Haul, Y’all!

FCBD Editions AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, AVENGERS/CAPTAIN AMERICA, BARRIER #1, CRUSH, THE MALL #0 and RELAY #0. All were enjoyable reads. The standout is probably Zac Thompson, Andy Clarke, and Donny Cates and RELAY #0 from AfterShock Comics. A full issue with a highly intriguing story and beautiful art! I’ll be along for the full ride. Svetlana Chmakova’s CRUSH is a top contender for for standout as well. It’s a preview to a forthcoming graphic novel of the same name and it has me wanting to seek out the previous two OGNs, AWKWARD and BRAVE, from Yen Press. THE MALL #0 was pretty fun as well, and I think I will collect that series when starts this summer from Scout Comics. And of course BARRIER #1 (of 5) by Brian K. Vaughan, Marcos Martin and Munsta Vicente from Image Comics was a very nice treat bring the one-time digital comic to the printed page. The Purchases ASTRO CITY: a VISITORS GUIDE, BREATHLESS #2, BUZZ KILL TPB, FEAR AGENT – VOL. 1 TPB, SLEEPER: BOOK ONE TPB and SQUARRIORS #3. …