Month: August 2018

Marvel’s FANTASTIC FOUR #1 (LGY #646)

FANTASTIC FOUR #1 (legacy #646) by writer Dan Slott and artist Sara Pichelli was a real treat to read! I’m very excited for #2. It is pretty cool and interesting to note that Marvel put this issue out on exactly the 57th anniversary of the original Fantastic Four #1 which was back on August 8, 1961 (cover-dated November) — similar to another publishing milestone earlier this year when DC Comics released ACTION COMICS #1000 on its exact 80th anniversary date this past April. Now if I know Marvel, they’ll time things just right so that FF legacy #700 will come out on the title’s 60th anniversary in three short years, although I’m not exactly sure how since this series is not currently shipping twice-monthly. Then again, before the 2x monthly frequency of many of its titles in recent years, Marvel used to have several key titles (like the main X-MEN books) shipping at an accelerated clip of 18 issues per year. Well, I’ve done the math and that’s actually all it would take to line up …

The Call

++ Post #547 ~ 66 words of dialogue ++ Created: 8.8.2018 by BLR – Hullo? – Hullo. Is that you? – Last time I checked. Who is this? – You know who this is. – Mmhm. What do ya want? – For some reason you’ve been showing up in my dreams lately. I just wanted to make sure you were still alive. – Why do you care? – Well, even though I hate your two-faced, lying, conniving, backstabbing ass, it doesn’t mean I want you dead. Yet. Fin. Inspired by a true event. Sorta. It’s complicated.