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Sometimes Love . . .

Sometimes love comes at a price too great for one’s emotional bank account.

— BLR, 11/22/2018

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I read. I write. I rock. Sometimes all at once. Writer, editor, musician, a wearer of many creative hats, jack of many trades, master of an unknown universe. Gifted with an uncanny sense of rhythm and melody. Also armed with grammar and diction, I am still at-large and considered dangerous.


  1. I was just talking about this to Stef – we nearly lost Auguste, and he said, “never again, no more dogs’. It was too devestating for him. I didn’t agree. Heartbreak is proof you’re alive – time does heal the pain and unless anger rears its ugly head, heartache can be cathartic. But Stef shook his head. He’s not buying it. Too expensive, he said.


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