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Brandon L. Rucker is a lifelong bookworm, music nerd and comic book geek and has been at various times a published author of articles, blogs, columns, poems, stories and reviews, as well as a performing musician, music producer and recording artist. He has even spent a few years as a short story editor.

Humble truth be told, he’s not exactly a household name. His bands and musical projects have all been local with studio recordings released independently to the underground (many of them streaming online, however). His short fiction and poetry were published in small and underground press. Heck, even the publications he’s edited for have been largely in the small press (see his Amazon Author’s page) or the far corners of the world wide web. The short story print anthology Local Heroes that he conceived, compiled and edited was published by defunct publishers Static Movement (but was, for a short time, available to order on Amazon – he ordered the last copy in stock for his own bookshelf).

A child of the early 1970s, Rucker hails from the Midwest region of the USA where the summers are insufferably humid and the winters increasingly unbearable. He lives with his teenage daughters, life partner and pets. Armed with grammar, diction and a strong sense of rhythm and melody, he is at large and potentially dangerous.

See below for a list of credits.


Local Heroes – editor/compiler, print anthology of selected stories, 2011

           STORIES (15):

“Four Deep” – DEAD GUNS PRESS, 2015

“Call of Duty: A Cop’s Tale” – LOCAL HEROES, 2011

“The Underneath” – LIKE FROZEN STATUES OF FLESH, 2011

“All In a Day’s Work” – LIKE FROZEN STATUES OF FLESH, 2011

“Finder Kept” – BEST LEFT BURIED, 2011


“On Shadowy Ground” – THRILLER!, 2010

“Suggestion” – MIRROR MAGAZINE, 2010 [defunct]


“All Things Considered” – THE CEDAR CHEST, 2010

“Pieces of Candice” – MADNESS OF THE MIND, 2010

“The Company You Keep” – BLINK|INK, 2010 [defunct]

“The End” – BLINK|INK, 2010 [defunct]

“Mass Graves: A Story of Haiti” – CROSSED GENRES, 2010

“Never Again” – Z END ZINE, 1999 [defunct]

            POEMS (6):

“Dream a Little Scream of Me” – DREAMS AND SCREAMS, 2010

“Transcendental” – LIQUID IMAGINATION, 2010


“Succubus” – STATIC MOVEMENT SPECIAL No. 2, 2009

“Mare of the Night” – STATIC MOVEMENT SPECIAL No. 2, 2009

“Tapestry” – VoiCE, 1996 [defunct]


(A Partial Listing):

Q&A with author Jennifer Macaire – BRANDON RUCKER DOT COM, 2017

Chat with Author Reggie Lutz – BRANDON RUCKER DOT COM, 2015

“From Horse to Mouse: Speculating the Star Wars Comics Transfer” – BLEEDING COOL, 2014

“Memorial: Long Live Elmore Leonard” – BRANDON RUCKER DOT COM, 2013

“Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne” – BRANDON RUCKER DOT COM, 2013

“A Conversation with Bob Thurber  – Part 2” – LIQUID IMAGINATION, 2011

“The Rucker Report: Applying Advice” – FLASH FICTION CHRONICLES, 2011

“A Conversation with Bob Thurber – Part 1” – LIQUID IMAGINATION, 2011

“20 Questions with Chris Bartholomew” – LIQUID IMAGINATION, 2011

“The Synergy of Poetry and Music” – LIQUID IMAGINATION, 2011

            VOICE READING:

“Grave Invitation” by Bob Thurber, read by Brandon Rucker – LIQUID IMAGINATION, 2011


LIQUID IMAGINATION online webzine (Flash Fiction Editor — Oct 2010 – Aug 2013)

STATIC MOVEMENT (Compiler/Editor — Local Heroes anthology, Nov 2011)

ZOETROPE: ALL-STORY EXTRA #22 & 23 (Guest Editor — May 2000 & June 2000)


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