Welcome to my Library of Works online archive, RUCKERPEDIA, or, if you will, “The Rucker Files.”

Many of the works here I have produced for myself, just as a creative soul, as an inspired and driven writer. A handful of the pieces that will be featured here (about 15) have been published abroad by small press publishers, which typically have short lifespans and thus the works are out of print/no longer available. A small few others have not found a home after being submitted to one prospective venue or another. It’s okay, it happens. Not the end of the world, and thankfully not the end of a given story’s life. A large amount of the other works to be featured here have sat in The Vault for years, not submitted and having accumulated an inch of cyberdust on my various hard drives.

And if I may be so self-effacing, some of the pieces I’ll feature in this library are ones I personally do not feel are worthy of publication in actual print or online zines.

No writer worthy of being read, and expecting to be read, writes in a vacuum, however. We write with the anticipation of a reading audience, no matter what that number of unsuspecting souls may be.

So if you’re here reading this, or any of my other words, stories, poems and songs featured here, then you’ve joined the exclusive club of readers of my work and I graciously thank you for your time, interest and attention. Hopefully something I’ve written over the many years meets you well.

Please do enjoy!


Updated: October 9, 2016



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