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Thinkbook 1 | Art Can Make Your Day

#ruckology #artjunkie First in a series of weekly brainjuice leakages, an upload from my cerebral mainframe to yours. Art. Man, it really can make your day. Be it visual, audio, audio-visual, practical or virtual. Art just has that uncanny ability to touch the soul, spark the imagination and be a general catalyst to positive things in our lives. I’m a sucker for the stuff and spend an inordinate amount of time mentally immersed in it on a daily basis, whether it’s my own or that of others. Over a decade ago I used to go by the handle artjunkie online. In fact that was the name of my first ever blog (on Livejournal) some eons ago. I am certainly an art junkie for life, no doubt. We’re certainly in some dark times these days, socially and politically. Do yourself a favor and try to make time to consume your favorite kind or art, better yet, discover some new art. Btw, hello and g’day, my friends. I am going to attempt to do this on a weekly …

BIRTHDAY: Happy 96th Birthday Jack Kirby

Legendary comic book creator/artist/writer/editor Jack “The King” Kirby (born Jacob Kurtzburg) would be 96 years old today had he not died on February 6, 1994 at the age of 76. Any reader of Marvel and DC Comics has probably been touched by at least the legacy of genius that was Jack Kirby through the characters he helped bring to life collaboratively with Golden & Silver Age comics greats such as Joe Simon, Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Larry Lieber, Don Heck and others (and in some cases single-handedly). Without Jack Kirby there would be no Captain America, Fantastic Four, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, The Avengers, The X-Men, Black Panter, Silver Surfer, Fourth World, Challengers of the Unknown and, yes, Young Romance. A lot of folks don’t realize that Kirby and his first mate Joe Simon had pretty much created the genre of romance comics during the Golden Age 1940s. But seriously, that list is just a small sample size which didn’t even included the plethora of colorful villains to thwart the abundant heroes). When I …

Artist: Travis Charest – One of the Most Unique

Travis Charest [shuh-ray] is one of the greatest, most unique illustrators and draftsmen of the modern comics era. It’s a damn shame that he is not turning out regular work today. In fact, he’s been virtually ‘inactive’ for the better part of a decade. Although recently he has returned in a limited capacity doing covers, but very few interior pages. 

Artist: Jack S. Rogers

Known for his stunning images on such web & print zines as Liquid Imagination and Aurora Wolf, graphic artist Jack S. Rogers is a self-taught digital art guru who improves with each piece. And to make him even more dangerous with an image, dude’s decided to go to art school to add to his arsenal of visual artistry. To wit, his latest piece for that art class: Aptly titled “WTF????” And this is one of my all-time faves of his:   His covers for Aurora Wolf print anthologies: Purchase at Amazon  Purchase at Amazon Heck, he’s even covered a book in which my writing was featured:  This unpublished original version is my favorite The Final Printed Version Purchase at You can check out more of Jack’s art and follow him over at his Beforedawn blog.

Artist: Joshua Hooten (Happy Birthday, Bro)

Josh and I have been friends since somewhere around 1985. That makes him one of, if not the oldest friend I have. In late 2006 we finally became metal guitar buddies, an event that was at least 17 years in the making. We wrote two or three dozen songs (with at least another dozen left unfinished) from then until about 2009 with a lot of downtime inbetween. The Brothers Bald That project was known as Dichotomous. I recorded demos for about seven of those songs. But after many starts and stops, we’ve had to put our pet projct into an early grave. But long before he was ever a musician, dude was an artist, and still is, if a bit of a frustrated one (but aren’t we all?). I wanted to celebrate my buddy’s birthday by displaying some of the art he’s got posted up on his Facebook page to honor his special day.   Happy Birthday, brotha from anotha motha!

GUEST BLOG: Warren Ellis “On Killing Stories”

Warrent Ellis, one of my favorite creative minds in this universe talks about the hard decision every writer has to make at some point. “The lesson is simply this: you just have to recognise that, no matter how much weight you put behind it and how much you tart it up,sometimes a story just doesn’t bloody work, and you have to take it behind the stables and shoot it through the head. No writer is perfect. We all have dead bodies to our names.” More: