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Out of the Package: Wave One – The Birthday Bargain Shopper — The Comic Book Underground

In this episode of Out of the Package by Joe Gardner, the birthday boy shares an (almost mis)adventure in bargain bin toys shopping. This past weekend I celebrated another birthday. My 43rd, to be exact. And with it I added more toys and collectibles to my ever-growing collections. But the way I came about these additions made […] via Out of the Package: Wave One – The Birthday Bargain Shopper — The Comic Book Underground

One Man /// Riot #5: Brand Rehab – The Legion of Super-Heroes — The Comic Book Underground

One Man /// Riot is a CBU column by Daryll Benjamin. In this episode he once again applies his personal brand rehab, this time to the seldom published, cult-favorite, far-flung future teenage heroes of DC’s Legion. Plus other thoughts. Welcome to another edition of Daryll Brand Rehab! Last edition I tackled the Fantastic Four and did the […] via One Man /// Riot #5: Brand Rehab – The Legion of Super-Heroes — The Comic Book Underground

Buzz – The CBU | Superheroes Having Kids

A question that came up in a comic book group on Facebook that I just had to share with my own Facebook group, The Comic Book Underground. What’s your thought on Superman and Batman having kids?  Does it change the characters? Does it age Superman and Batman? Does it bother you? Mine and my guys responses follows: Comments Brandon Rucker One guy said “I like it. It’s DC restoring that sense of legacy it lost after Flashpoint. Also, I’m getting older and am a father too so the characters become even more relevant to me-like I’m growing older with them.” Like · Reply · 3 · September 9 at 11:51am Brandon Rucker Another fella said: “I don’t mind it. Makes sense after 75+ years these guys would procreate. Superman and Lois Lane are the quintessential couple, it’s about time they did something other than make goo goo eyes and have a marriage that’s retconned in …See More Like · Reply · 2 · September 9 at 11:52am Joe Gardner My break is almost over. I’ll …

Poll | Comic Book Underground’s Favorite Publishers

The poll Question I posed to the members of my Facebook group The Comic Book Underground last week: The majority of your monthly and/or trade paperback reads come from which of the following publisher? With only 21 participating votes, the results were: DC Comics (Including the Vertigo imprint) The resurgent #2 publisher in the market with 8 total votes, which ties them with the #3 publisher. +4 Image Comics (including the Top Cow, ShadowLine & SkyBound imprints) The #3 publisher took the early lead in the poll (a charge led by yours truly, of course), but ultimately tied with the house of DC: Rebirth with 8 total votes also. +4 Marvel Comics (including the Icon & MAX imprints) The currently battle-tested #1 publisher takes the third spot with only 4 total votes, which is a surprise because 12, 18, 24 months ago this would not have been the case. If the CBU is but a tiny microcosm of current fandom, then it appears Marvel has fallen from grace a bit. +1 Valiant Entertainment Arguably “the best” …