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ComicsBox 1 | Saga: Chapter Thirty Seven

#NowReading #Saga #ImageComics NEW STORY ARC! “THE WAR FOR PHANG,” PART ONE. SAGA is back with its most epic storyline yet, and to celebrate, FIONA STAPLES graces this issue with a gorgeous wraparound cover! Finally reunited with her ever-expanding family, Hazel travels to a war-torn comet that Wreath and Landfall have been battling over for ages. This arc is a self-contained “event” we’ve been building to since our very first issue, so now is the perfect time for readers who love SAGA’s bestselling collections to join our monthly adventures! Story By: Brian K. Vaughan Art By: Fiona Staples Cover By: Fiona Staples Published: August 31, 2016 See more at:

Image Comics: #NewComicsDay – 7/6/2016 — Comic Book Fetish

THROWAWAYS #1, THE WALKING DEAD #156, PAPER GIRLS #7, THE FIX #4, RENATO JONES: THE ONE% #3 and more… View this email in your browser Copyright © 2016 Image Comics, All rights reserved.Thanks for signing up for our Enewsletter!Our mailing address is: Image Comics 2001 Center Street, Sixth Floor Berkeley, Ca 94704 Add us to your […] via Image Comics: #NewComicsDay – 7/6/2016 — Comic Book Fetish

Defending Robert Kirkman and Other Stories – ENR | eXPress News & Reviews by

Thanks to asinine comments made by George Romero, I am forced to defend Robert Kirkman and his The Walking Dead comic and AMC’s television adaptation of it. Other topics include Valiant Entertainment looking to block Kirkman’s titling of his upcoming new comic book series, plus Marvel Studios, Infinite Daredevil in 2014 and some historic DC Comics news.Defending Robert Kirkman and Other Stories | Professor’s Blackboard –  ENR | eXPress News & Reviews by

BIRTHDAY: Happy 96th Birthday Jack Kirby

Legendary comic book creator/artist/writer/editor Jack “The King” Kirby (born Jacob Kurtzburg) would be 96 years old today had he not died on February 6, 1994 at the age of 76. Any reader of Marvel and DC Comics has probably been touched by at least the legacy of genius that was Jack Kirby through the characters he helped bring to life collaboratively with Golden & Silver Age comics greats such as Joe Simon, Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Larry Lieber, Don Heck and others (and in some cases single-handedly). Without Jack Kirby there would be no Captain America, Fantastic Four, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, The Avengers, The X-Men, Black Panter, Silver Surfer, Fourth World, Challengers of the Unknown and, yes, Young Romance. A lot of folks don’t realize that Kirby and his first mate Joe Simon had pretty much created the genre of romance comics during the Golden Age 1940s. But seriously, that list is just a small sample size which didn’t even included the plethora of colorful villains to thwart the abundant heroes). When I …

New DC 52 Review Week 1 | Professor Brand-X

Professor Brand-X in an eXpertComics Month-Long Event featuring The New 52 from DC Comics ON THE PROFESSOR’S DESK THIS WEEK: Action Comics | Stormwatch | Static Shock | Men of War G’day, class. This week your friendly neighborhood comic book Professor, Brandon “Brand-X” Rucker, is going to take you to school on DC’s New 52. Honestly, I’m a virtual novice when it comes to the greater DC Universe, so this will be educational to me as well. We will learn about this exciting new comics universe together during this historic re-launch event. As noted elsewhere on this website, my esteemed eXpertComics columnist colleagues – the irrepressible Steve of 777 DAMM, the cuddly Dave of Full Page Bleed (FPB), and the self-described “spazzy” Lisa of ComixBook Gurl – are also covering The New 52 with their specific assignments, so be sure to check those out as well. Me, I’m covering Action Comics #1, Stormwatch #1, Static Shock #1 and Men of War #1 this week. But first, an introductory summary follows. The story so far… As …

Update: My Reading and Writing Activities

It’s summer reading season in my household. Wife & kids have already begun their preemptive strike and as the proverbial slowpoke I’m playing catchup. I went to the library this past weekend to pay my dues…I told the library clerk that I was paying my annual dues. She chuckled, but I as serious. I always end up paying at least about $10 bucks a year to the local library for late fees. It’s just my way of giving back to the community. At least that’s my way of looking at it. As for summer reading, unfortunately I am at a huge disadvantage because I have lots on my writing plate this summer, with a major editing project to wrap up in early July, and a novel to get back to. Since wrapping up the latest issue of Liquid Imagination in May, I’ve gone into selfish mode for June as I am spit-shining and polishing the dozen and a half stories selected for my forthcoming short story collection (tentatively due late September), one story at a time. Most of …

Rumor: DC Comics’ Issue One Renumbering – A Complete Reboot?

Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston is reporting on the rumor (leak?) that DC Comics will, in September, be essentially rebooting their entire comics line (DC Universe titles that is; naturally the mature readers/creator-owned line under the Vertigo imprint will be exempt from this). I think this radical move is brilliant and much needed. Especially if you consider that the DC Universe has been so convoluted with timelines and Earths this and Earths that…in an industry that is a sad shell of its former self, hardly ever bringing in new customers, something like this, especially from one of its Big Two publishing houses, is just genius in my opinion. What will this reboot entail? Well, all titles being re-created/restarted as an issue #1 (with little if ANY reference to what has come before…essentially an all new canvas). That’s right, folks. Superman #1. Batman #1. The Flash #1. So on and so forth. I love it (despite not being a huge fan of their superheroes and universe). According to Johnstons’ Bleeding Cool report, this event will happen in …