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Image Comics: #NewComicsDay – 7/6/2016 — Comic Book Fetish

THROWAWAYS #1, THE WALKING DEAD #156, PAPER GIRLS #7, THE FIX #4, RENATO JONES: THE ONE% #3 and more… View this email in your browser Copyright © 2016 Image Comics, All rights reserved.Thanks for signing up for our Enewsletter!Our mailing address is: Image Comics 2001 Center Street, Sixth Floor Berkeley, Ca 94704 Add us to your […] via Image Comics: #NewComicsDay – 7/6/2016 — Comic Book Fetish

Defending Robert Kirkman and Other Stories – ENR | eXPress News & Reviews by

Thanks to asinine comments made by George Romero, I am forced to defend Robert Kirkman and his The Walking Dead comic and AMC’s television adaptation of it. Other topics include Valiant Entertainment looking to block Kirkman’s titling of his upcoming new comic book series, plus Marvel Studios, Infinite Daredevil in 2014 and some historic DC Comics news.Defending Robert Kirkman and Other Stories | Professor’s Blackboard –  ENR | eXPress News & Reviews by

New DC 52 Review Week 1 | Professor Brand-X

Professor Brand-X in an eXpertComics Month-Long Event featuring The New 52 from DC Comics ON THE PROFESSOR’S DESK THIS WEEK: Action Comics | Stormwatch | Static Shock | Men of War G’day, class. This week your friendly neighborhood comic book Professor, Brandon “Brand-X” Rucker, is going to take you to school on DC’s New 52. Honestly, I’m a virtual novice when it comes to the greater DC Universe, so this will be educational to me as well. We will learn about this exciting new comics universe together during this historic re-launch event. As noted elsewhere on this website, my esteemed eXpertComics columnist colleagues – the irrepressible Steve of 777 DAMM, the cuddly Dave of Full Page Bleed (FPB), and the self-described “spazzy” Lisa of ComixBook Gurl – are also covering The New 52 with their specific assignments, so be sure to check those out as well. Me, I’m covering Action Comics #1, Stormwatch #1, Static Shock #1 and Men of War #1 this week. But first, an introductory summary follows. The story so far… As …

What if: Marvel Comics Rebooted (a revisted mock-up)

This is an update and revision to my previous fantasy-laden geek-out mock-up of a Marvel Comics Reboot. You can read my original one here. A few changes to that smaller one in this larger one. So this revised and expanded geek-out of a rebooted Marvel according to if I were Dan Buckley (publisher), Joe Quesada (Chief Creative Officer), Tom Brevoort (Sr. VP of Publishing) and Axel Alonso (Editor-in-Chief) all rolled into one very smart, resourceful and rather astute (and not to mention very persuasive…and handome) person, and had the power to make this all happen. Of course this is in light of the recent announcement of DC Comics’ massive relaunch coming in late August and September with 52 all-new #1 issues of their mainline DC Universe periodicals. So keeping in line with that, I have come up with a mock Marvel Comics Reboot of 52 comics titles. Naturally, a major note in this fantasy world is that there are no exclusive contracts to muck up things, and all of these creators are in their respective primes. Reimaginings and reinventions would be the rule …

Found Art Friday: Zealot by Jim Lee

This week’s Found Art Friday continues the comic book theme of last week’s with a quickie sketch of Zealot (of WildCats fame) by her creator Jim Lee on the cintiq, which he tweeted last night on Twitter. Jim Lee is hands down my favorite comic book creator because of his immense talent and skill in character creation/design, draftsmanship and storytelling, ever since he started drawing the X-Men for Marvel Comics in 1989, and most especially during his WildStorm years in the 90s, which yielded this great character: Zealot by Jim Lee Upon seeing this image last night a brief exchanged ensued on Twitter between Mr. Lee and I (edited for punctuation). @jimlee00 Thanks for this. I love me some Zealot. Miss her. Back in the day Grifter and her were hands down my favorite characters, w/ Backlash @jimlee00 Oh, and Deathblow, of course. Your creations, stories and art brought great entertainment to my formative years. Much ❤ and respect. @ruckerwrites Thanks, I appreciate your kind words immensely. One of the coolest things about Twitter is communicating directly with those you’ve looked up to …

Geek-Out: Comic Book Creator Dream Teams (or a.k.a Marvel Comics Reboot)

I have been an avid comic book fan since I was about 12 or 13 years old (1985/86) and although I haven’t been a hardcore collector and only a part-time reader in the last near decade, I still stay informed almost daily (’cause that’s what geeks do). The last five years I’ve mostly read the occasional graphic novel, but have increasingly bought various single issues of whatever series interests me when I go to the LCS (more on those in another post later). I have always been a “Marvel Zombie”. It started with the Amazing Spider-Man and Incredible Hulk comics my dad had when I was in single digits in age. Then, when finally I started buying my own in 85/86, it was Marvel’s Transformers, G.I. Joe and The Uncanny X-Men, Secret Wars II, and at some point I came to acquire a huge box of old Silver and Bronze Age editions of the Fantastic Four, Avengers and X-Men, along with a smattering of others. A few weeks ago I was having a major geek moment, thinking hard about …

Followup: DC’s Big Fat Reboot

So obviously we all saw that the rumored all-universe reset/reboot at DC Comics is official and will commence in the last week of August with JLA #1 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. There are plenty of media outlest covering this yesterday and today, so I won’t bother with linkage and such. But to followup from yesterday when I got a little passionate about it on Twitter, I thought I would copy those tweets here. Just my tweets, no one else’s, but the context is pretty obvious. From @ruckerwrites to: @jimlee00 Jim, as a loooong time fan of your art and character design work, I want to congratulate you on this historical event. Well played @jimlee00 PLEASE PLEASE let the WildStorm characters be a part of this DCU reboot, if not in a separate WSU. Rather that than them in limbo! @brubaker Yep. That’s legendary news. But better late than never (I’m a Marvel zombie so of course I would say that). Great for comics IMO! @ErikJLarsen Well, that’s overstating the obvious there, Captain Obvious! I’m going against …

Artist: Travis Charest – One of the Most Unique

Travis Charest [shuh-ray] is one of the greatest, most unique illustrators and draftsmen of the modern comics era. It’s a damn shame that he is not turning out regular work today. In fact, he’s been virtually ‘inactive’ for the better part of a decade. Although recently he has returned in a limited capacity doing covers, but very few interior pages.