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ComicsBox 1 | Saga: Chapter Thirty Seven

#NowReading #Saga #ImageComics NEW STORY ARC! “THE WAR FOR PHANG,” PART ONE. SAGA is back with its most epic storyline yet, and to celebrate, FIONA STAPLES graces this issue with a gorgeous wraparound cover! Finally reunited with her ever-expanding family, Hazel travels to a war-torn comet that Wreath and Landfall have been battling over for ages. This arc is a self-contained “event” we’ve been building to since our very first issue, so now is the perfect time for readers who love SAGA’s bestselling collections to join our monthly adventures! Story By: Brian K. Vaughan Art By: Fiona Staples Cover By: Fiona Staples Published: August 31, 2016 See more at:

Opinion: Superman’s Decision in Action Comics #900

I shouldn’t spend a lot of words on this, because there’s a side of me that finds the situation to be very irrational (my big pet peeve) and unnecessarily sensationalist. After all, the controversy concerns something a FICTIONAL CHARACTER did in a FICTIONAL STORY. Not a true story, mind you. Last week, DC Comics released Action Comics #900, a milestone issue of one of their earliest publications, a periodical that began in 1938 with the debut of a certain character by the name of Superman. Superman, the ‘original Golden Age superhero’, was created by writer Jerry Siegel, of Jewish-American descent, and illustrator Joe Shuster, a Canadian-American. An historic fictional icon, there’s really no need for me to rehash the character’s history. So, the recent controversy is in regards to the lastest issue of Action Comics where Superman, an alien from another planet called Krypton, decided to denounce his ‘American citizenship’. Keep in mind that this is a fictional character protrayed in a dramatic situation…you know, a STORY. Some people are up in arms about the decision. Now you could …