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Succubus | A Poem

As the moon peers periodically Between smoke-gray clouds set Against the canvas of the night sky She comes to me with love And a hunger that weakens her I lament that I can offer No remedy to that which ails Ours is a love forbidden By the laws of nature If not the laws of man Spawned by an infernal sire Her skin burns from a fire within And matches the blaze of passion We hold fast to one another We embrace as lovers do And fall victim to our lust Which knows no bounds And it is during our coupling That I witness her raw power That magical charm, that piercing gaze She beguiles me and I wilt How did it come to be That this creature Borne of man and demon alike Had chosen to love me A mere mortal woman Who has not the power To sustain her Note: The theme here deviates from tradition, instead has a succubus choosing a same-sex mate. Written on December 16, 2009. Originally featured in Static Movement Special No. 2, a …


Finder Kept | A Tale of Unintended Fate

{ 1682 words } Submerged within a heap of filthy old blankets and trash next to the garbage bin on a chilly autumn night, a shaggy old bum witnessed a dark-clad man running through the alleyway that he called home.  Given the way the Running-Scared Man kept glancing behind himself, it seemed obvious to The Bum that someone or something had given him chase. The Bum did not want any undue attention offered his way and so he remained still while he lay upon his bed of detritus.  With hardly peeking eyes he saw Running-Scared Man stealthily toss something toward the heap of black trash bags that lay mere inches away from where The Bum rested his head.  The Running-Scared Man sprinted away and disappeared into the dark of night with the sound of his footfalls fading fast. Hearing no incoming footsteps, The Bum emerged slightly from his safe cover to dig amongst the waste in hopes of snatching up the discarded curiosity like a homeless man on a free plate of food at the …