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What It’s Like | A Flash of Dialogue

{ 756 words featuring Jamila and Tommy } I wanna borrow one of your guns. What fo’? Because. You a girl, you don’t need no gun. Yes, I do. No, you don’t. Then neither do you. Whatever, girl. Don’chu have cooking shows or The Disney Channel to be watchin’? You know me better than that. Go help your Ma with the dishes or something. You should know better. I ain’t ever been like that and you know it. I don’t see why not.  You should be more like a girl. I blame your brother for that. Don’t go there. He always wanted a lil’ brother but he got a lil’ sister instead, so he tried his damnedest to make you a tomboy. So why you need your gun? What? What’chu need a gun for? You don’t shoot nobody. Girl, you don’t know what’chu talkin’ ‘bout. Now run along . . . Just a tough guy with a gun who don’t even use it. Wannabe gangsta. Shut up, girl, you don’t know what’chu talkin’ ‘bout.  This …