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Road Dog | A Double-Drabble

{ 200 words } Various instruments crowd the back of the cargo van-turned-tour van.  His legs are cramped.  He’s gotta piss, but there’s no rest stop for god knows how many miles.  As the miles become more miles, his hunger becomes aching, tiredness becomes weariness.  He’s horny, sure.  But he sincerely misses her for all the right reasons.  Thinking of her does him no good.  Not here, in the middle of nowhere, this far from home. Saying good bye was the hardest part. A major complication to this job, this love, this life. Endless regret. Yet the chance to leave indefinitely was relished despite the unresolved affairs and promises postponed. Farewells cut short are best. Say your heartfelt goodbyes Wipe away tears from forlorn eyes Temporarily sever ties The road’s the devil of promises and lies Now sunsets don’t mean quite the same as they did back home.  Without her, even the music and cheering of fans don’t mean quite what they should.  Although it sometimes soothes, having casual sex with other women is a …


To Envy | A Double-Drabble

{ 200 words } You can tell things about people, if you watch them closely. The body speaks in its quiet, physical language. Like the couple at the diner. They come every week on Thursdays. The man is tall and handsome, so confident in himself. And the dark haired woman next to him, on his arm, the center of his attention.  They have a special bond, a chemistry all their own. You can see it if you watch intently. Be very discrete about it. Don’t gawk. Watch them secretly. You would see how comfortable they are in their skin. You would see how they are secure in themselves and the security they share with each other. You would see that together they have something special, a treasure. Now, if you were to look closely at me you would see something altogether different. If you look really hard, read me like the open book that I am, you would see it: the envy. You see, I too want a loyal person at my side, a warm, …