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Cover Art: The Underneath

So I’m dusting off my very limited cover-making skills and this is the first test subject. “The Underneath” was published a couple of years back in the bizarro print anthology compiled by fellow writer/editor Joe Jablonsky, entitled Like Frozen Statues of Flesh. The plan at this point is to re-publish the story in digital/e-book form for the first time, via Smashwords. Covers tend to be required for these sort of things and I am a small-time author with a small-time budget (i.e. no budget). That particular predicament invokes the D-I-Y mindset of taking matters into my own hands and, while summoning the spirit of independence (i.e. no-name author of meager means), I make fresh ice tea out of lemons myself. Wait, that’s not quite how that’s supposed to go. Well, at any rate, this is the first pass at it. An arm with a gaping wound, which is integral to the bizarre happenings in the story. It actually came to me pretty quickly (I fortunately have a rather eager Muse). This image might stick. It may not, if, for instance, I manage to do something even more cool …

Liquid Imagination #14

The latest issue of Liquid Imagination is currently live! We present in our 14th issue another batch of outstanding speculative fiction, literary fiction, flash fiction & poetry edited by Kevin Wallis, Chrissy Davis & yours truly. As usual Sue Babcock designed the issue beautifully and the voice of Robert C. Eccles narrated the long form stories. Check it out!

Bob Thurber – Maestro of Microfiction turned Novelist

Please allow me a moment to act like a fanboy regarding the writing of Bob Thurber, whom I’ve always revered as the Maestro of Micro Fiction. Nearly a dozen years ago we made acquaintances and I’ve championed his work since. Now this coming Spring I can finally have his writing on my bookshelf. Paperboy – A Dysfunctional Novel is his debut novel and guess what? It’s a novel made up of 150 short vignettes, effectively what is microfiction, his best stock and trade.