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“The One Habit Every Writer Needs. Right now.”

Post #540 Guest Blog | The following quotes are from the Medium blog post ‘The One Habit Every Writer Needs. Right now.‘ by @shauntagrimes Here are the steps: Choose a goal. When I say teeny, tiny, I’m not kidding. You want a goal so small that it would actually be more difficult, psychologically, to skip it than it would be to just sit down and do the damn thing. My go to teeny, tiny writing goal is ten minutes. No matter what, even on my worst day, even when I’m sick, even when I’m travelling, even when I have a million other things to wedge into 24 hours, I write for ten minutes. If for some reason ten minutes became something I could skip — if it lost it’s status as the goal that’s so small I’d rather do it than skip it — I’d shrink it. Five minutes. One minute. One page. One paragraph. Hell, one word. Seriously. If that’s what it takes, set a goal of writing one new word on your manuscript everyday. The secret of the teeny, …

“Create something today even if it sucks”

Guest Blog | The following quotes are from the Medium blog post ‘Create something today even if it sucks’ by @emilywarna. Click the title for the full article. We all have those days. The days of writer’s block; the days of beating ourselves into the ground over not being able to produce. When we think every piece of content we create is terrible. When we think our mind is letting us down. We often forget that being good takes practice. Consistency requires dedication. Dedication to the craft, and dedication to yourself. So ask yourself: ‘Who am I creating for?’ Reassess who you’re trying to impress. Remember, you’re writing for yourself just as much as for your audience. By producing piece after piece, you’re setting yourself up for future victories. You’re identifying your strengths and weaknesses, how you function best, what circumstances you thrive under. You’re identifying your creative hours.  

“What to do if no one reads what you write.” | Shaunta Grimes

Unread. Ignored. Forsaken. That’s something, simply as people, we all fear, no? Specifically, it’s perhaps a writer’s greatest fear? Certainly one of mine. But there is a kind of irony in the event that situation occurs, so said author/writer whisperer Shaunta Grimes some months back . . . “I know how it feels to screw up your nerve and post something in public for the entire world to see — and then realize that the whole world doesn’t really care. They aren’t even paying attention. Before I tell you what to do when no one is reading what you write, I want to share a story with you that I hope will help you understand a hard, rather beautiful truth. If it’s possible for you to write something that no one reads — then no one is paying attention. And there’s real freedom in that idea. Once you realize that no one is paying attention, you can let go of the voice screaming in your head that you better not fuck up, because if you do the whole entire …

Welcome to Paradise tomato soup

Originally posted on Jennifer Macaire:
Easy Island Tomato Soup Recipe from Jennifer Macaire Evernight Teen authors are cooking! Today’s recipe is one of Jennifer Macaire’s favorites when she lived in the islands. Be sure to check out Welcome to Paradise which is also based on an island paradise. It’s a great winter break read! Here is a recipe from when I was growing up in the Caribbean. We loved tomato soup, but could never get ripe tomatoes. This recipe uses canned tomatoes instead. This recipe is fast, easy, and inexpensive, and makes a great lunch for the holidays, when you’re tired of cookng, but want something tasty and hot! Easy Island Tomato Soup Ingredients: 1⁄2 cup butter (or four tablespoons olive oil) 1 medium onion, diced 2 (14 1/2 ounce) cans tomatoes (diced or pureed) Half a bullion cube (chicken or veal is good, or vegetable if you want a vegetarian soup) 2 cups fresh orange juice 1⁄2 cup cream or sour cream Sautee onions in butter, in soup pot until transparent. Add canned tomatoes…

“NaNo Prep: How to Go From Plotless to Polished” | Derek Murphy

November is just around the corner, and as we gear up, we’re sharing advice on how you can best prepare for a month of writing. Today, author and designer Derek Murphy shares his advice on how to turn a messy work-in-progress into a polished draft in November: NaNoWriMo is a great opportunity to push your boundaries and see how much writing you can get done in thirty days. If it’s your first time shooting for 50K, write whatever is easiest for you. However, if you’ve been doing NaNoWriMo for a few years and have struggled to turn your newly generated manuscript into an actual book that sells, here’s some advice that should help: Save a Darling—Plot Ahead First of all, if you started your story with very little plotting, it’s likely you have dozens of powerful scenes but no backbone to hold it all together. And it’s very difficult to go back and operate on your manuscript after it’s finished. “Kill your darlings” is good advice, but painful for a reason. It’s hard to cut the stuff you love—but if …

Out of the Package: Wave One – The Birthday Bargain Shopper — The Comic Book Underground

In this episode of Out of the Package by Joe Gardner, the birthday boy shares an (almost mis)adventure in bargain bin toys shopping. This past weekend I celebrated another birthday. My 43rd, to be exact. And with it I added more toys and collectibles to my ever-growing collections. But the way I came about these additions made […] via Out of the Package: Wave One – The Birthday Bargain Shopper — The Comic Book Underground

One Man /// Riot #5: Brand Rehab – The Legion of Super-Heroes — The Comic Book Underground

One Man /// Riot is a CBU column by Daryll Benjamin. In this episode he once again applies his personal brand rehab, this time to the seldom published, cult-favorite, far-flung future teenage heroes of DC’s Legion. Plus other thoughts. Welcome to another edition of Daryll Brand Rehab! Last edition I tackled the Fantastic Four and did the […] via One Man /// Riot #5: Brand Rehab – The Legion of Super-Heroes — The Comic Book Underground

Why Writers Shouldn’t Blog Too Much | Vincent Mars

Blogging can take over your writing life. You may have reached a point where you have to ask yourself this question — is blogging distracting me from my more ambitious work? Many of us have started our blogs thinking it’s good for our writing careers. We need more than good writing if we want to be writers, we know. We need the exposure that a blog can bring us. We need an online reputation. We need connections. Blogging can help bring us all of these. But every minute you spend writing a blog post or reading comments is a minute you don’t spend working on your larger writing projects. And there will be many days when blogging will seem so much easier than revising that long manuscript you’ve been working on for years. READ MORE via Why Writers Shouldn’t Blog Too Much — boy with a hat