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London Grammar Finally Announces New Album

It’s only been like forever since London Grammar released their debut album If You Wait back in 2013. I didn’t become aware of it myself until the late winter of 2015 (along with Daughter’s If You Leave). Well, the wait is only a few months longer as their sophomore album, Truth Is a Beautiful Thing drops this June. Below is a lyric video of the title track. Hannah Reed’s voice is as hypnotic and powerful as ever.

“Sultan’s Curse” – New Music from Mastodon | Earworm of the Week

In high anticipation of their next new studio album Emperor of Sand (out March 31st), my favorite modern metal band Mastodon offered up this pre-release single last week that has wormed and embedded itself deep within my subconscious. As the title alludes, the forthcoming concept album is thematically based on time and death, inspired by cancer, the silent killer that has touched the band the past year and a half in two different instances. Key lyric in this one: Memories of loved ones are passing me by. Enjoy.  

NEW MUSIC + VIDEOS: Carcass Brings Polished “Surgical Steel”

It’s a good thing I don’t have a whole lot of time prior to making this post because otherwise I would be gushing incoherently, going on and on about how historical and momentous it is that after 17 years those boys from Liverpool, England’s Carcass are finally releasing a new album on September 17th in the States. The legendary progressive metal band reunited for festivals and some touring about five years ago, and there was always the hope for a new album. That finally got officially announced this past spring and was properly teased earlier this summer (see the teaser below). Guitarist/growler Bill Steer is a guitar god of mine and bassist/vocalist Jeff Walker is legendary in his own right. Since original drummer Ken Owen suffered a stroke a decade or so ago, and second guitarist Michael Amott is too busy with his other two bands, Spiritual Beggars and Arch Enemy, the remaining original members are joined by some new blood: drummer Dan Wilding and touring guitarist Ben Ash. Long-time fans like myself will be …


One of two highly anticipated new albums for me in 2013 is Kiss Land by The Weeknd (Canadian-born Abel Tesfaye and his array of producers). Coming off the success of 2012’s triple-disc feature Trilogy (and the 2011 “mixtape” albums that it compiles) along with a break-out world tour, September 10th will bring the dark-themed r&b soul singer’s first “proper” release to worldwide fans (raising my hand) starving for more of his seedy tales set to sex-inspired chill-out beats (a la trip-hop and hip-hop), seductive basslines, and haunting melodies — all drenched in smoke, sweat and sin. Aww yeah! It’s The Weeknd, baby, and we ain’t leaving the bedroom until . . . oops, sorry, I got a little ahead of myself there. Although, from what I’ve read in the press, I’m getting the sense that this new album will be somewhat of a departure, though still very much carrying that Toronto-inflected sound that gave the artist his original platform. We shall see. Recently Tesfaye told Complex that “The only thing R&B about my [music] is …

Newish Music: “Broken Hands” by Lamb of God remixed by Dichotomous

In case anyone missed the world premiere of this yesterday, here be the first Dichotomous + Lamb of God mashup where I take their song “Broken Hands” from their 2009 album Wrath, remove the original guitar parts and replace them with my own guitar (and bass) parts to go along with Chris Adler‘s drums and D. Randall Blythe‘s vocals.  Some background on this little project: I had been listening to the individual studio tracks from my favorite metal band’s Wrath album (which are called ‘stems’ and came on a USB stick in the special edition of the album), and while listening to the drums all by themselves I got to thinking that it would be a cool and fun challenge to come up with original guitar parts to someone’s drum beats, well, Adler’s drums in particular since I had them in my possession. Maybe even make a recording project out of it. So after consulting with Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton (also the co-writer of the song in question) on Twitter to make sure it was perfectly legal to do, I got …

New Music: “Black Tongue” by Mastodon

Been meaning to post this for a couple of days now. This past Tuesday Mastodon released a new advance promo for their forthcoming new album The Hunter, with the song “Black Tongue” (see video below). The track is also available for digital download at all major digital music retailers. It’s a great tune and I think it kind of picks up where the last album, Crack the Skye (2009) left off. Actually it probably fits comfortably between that album and its predecessor, Blood Mountain (2006) in style/sound/feel. Also, they’ve announced and official release date of September 27, 2011. So belated happy birthday to me by one day. Yay. 

New Music/Video: Mastodon – “Deathbound”

I meant to post this video last week when I first stumbled upon it (but was at work and couldn’t access my blog due to company blockage). It’s a little non-album track by Mastodon called “Deathbound”, featured as part of the Adult Swim Singles Program. This video is a hoot and goes perfectly with the soundtrack that is “Deathbound”.  In the next post I will reveal new album cover art for Mastodon’s next long player.