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Quote | THE FIX artist Steve Lieber in IMAGE+ #3

Was re-reading the third issue of Image Comics’ awesome comics magazine, IMAGE+ (June, cover dated September), and in that issue there is an interview with THE FIX co-creator and artist Steve Lieber that I think is worthy of spotlight. I think his words here highlight one of the main issues many have with the company-owned comics, whether it’s the creators who work there or the disgruntled fans like myself who’s pretty much sworn off Marvel Comics for a few years now. Check it out below.

Image Comics Publisher Eric Stepheson on the Comics Industry

So one of the big stories this past week in comics land was the poignant, pointed and ugly-truthful comments by Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson at the ComicsPRO’s annual membership meeting. Essentially Stephenson called out his own industry, a move I wholeheartedly applaud. Newsarama got a hold of the transcript and I’ve lifted some key quotes from it. Stop reveling in nostalgia for a time long gone by.  Creatively, the golden age of comics is now – let’s save our nostalgia for today. All comics should be for everyone. Not just collectors. Not just whoever has the most cash on hand. For decades now, we’ve all been standing on the shoulders of giants. It’s time to stop. Let them have their rest. Now is the time to create new characters, to explore new worlds, to tell new stories. Our industry – our medium – has a long and magnificent history, but the past isn’t going anywhere. The future is an open road. And if you are a publisher trying to shore up your numbers by releasing more than …