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Patrick Zircher: Into the Shadows, Man | Q&A

Note: this is a re-posting of an interview I had published nearly five years ago on a different website (that web archive is no longer available, making this re-post necessary for posterity, if nothing else). The following Q&A session was drafted October 17, 2012. Patrick “Patch” Zircher [pronounced: zer-ker] is the artist and co-writer of Valiant’s all-new SHADOWMAN series, launching November 7, 2012 from the resurging publisher. Co-written with Justin Jordan (THE STRANGE TALENT OF LUTHER STRODE), the new Shadowman series is about New Orleans’ worst nightmare coming true. As these dark forces begin to claim the Big Easy as their own, Jack Boniface must embrace the dark legacy he was born to uphold as Shadowman. He will become the only thing that stands between his city and the legions of unspeakable monstrosities. Zircher, Jordan and Shadowman are poised to not only occupy the darkest corners of the revised Valiant Universe, but perhaps shine some light and hope there as well. Zircher, In Passing Earlier this year I met Patch Zircher somewhat in-passing at my …

10 Comic Books Are Nominated in the 28th GLAAD Awards [Reblog]

  2016 may have been a dumpster fire of sorts, particularly in the political ring, but you can’t deny some of the awesome things we got too. For one, it’s been a great year in genre entertainment. GLAAD took note of plethora mediums that highlighted positive representation of the LGBTQ community and announced their nominees for the 28th annual GLAAD Media Awards… via 10 Comic Books Are Nominated in the 28th GLAAD Awards — Welcome to the Legion!

Reading Comics As An Experience of Mythic Time | Hannah Means-Shannon

by Hannah Means-Shannon Over the holidays, I visited a number of bookstores as I traveled around for festivities, and was particularly interested in history and anthropology books since non-fiction is my current trend in prose. In comics, I seem to be jumping off the deep end in fantasy world-building, particularly impressed when a creative team seems to be able to present the logic behind the world they’ve made so that you, the reader, can almost keep constructing the world in your mind based on the logic they’ve presented you with. Collections I’ve read over the holiday that seem to do this are The Spire (Boom Studios), Klaus (Boom Studios) and The Black Mirror Batman cycle (DC Comics). But back to the prose, which does have a comics intersection. As a comic scholar looking at comics through the lens of psychoanalysis and anthropology in recent years, I had occasion to come across the works of philosopher and historian of religion, Mircea Eliade. His book on Shamanism [Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy] made a massive difference for …

Image Comics 25th Anniversary Variant for DEADLY CLASS — Outright Geekery

IMAGE COMICS KICKS OFF 25TH ANNIVERSARY THEME VARIANTS WITH DEADLY CLASS’ NOD TO CYBERFORCE Image Comics is pleased to announce monthly theme variants in celebration of the company’s 25th anniversary this year. The series of variants will launch with Rick… The post Image Comics 25th Anniversary Variant for DEADLY CLASS appeared first on Outright Geekery. via Image Comics 25th Anniversary Variant for DEADLY CLASS — Outright Geekery

Captain America #1 | Spoiler-Free Review

Fetish Flashback. * Originally posted @ World of website. Archive now defunct. * Captain America #1 (Marvel) | “American Dreamers” Part 1 | (S) Ed Brubaker | (A) Steve McNiven & Mark Morales * Spoiler Free * “It’s probably hard to believe…but sometimes I actually forget I’m a man out of time” – Steve Rogers The all-new, but not-quite-all-that-different Captain America #1 (technically Volume 6 if you don’t count Captain America Comics from 1941) is a slight return to form of sorts for the star-spangled man-out-of time, soldier of misfortune and sentinel of liberty (coincidence that all of those start with an ‘s’?). Long-time Cap writer Ed Brubaker, who has been chronicling the adventures of Marvel’s time-displaced Boy Scout for the better part of a decade, and Steve McNiven (he of Marvel Civil War fame) bring Steve Rogers, now the undisputed Captain America again, out of the shadows  and murkiness, which suited the dark intrigue of the previous volume’s tone. This volume apparently aims to be slightly brighter with a feel that is more typical of a superhero adventure comic. …