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Story Quote from “Four Deep”

Well, last call’s come and gone. My guys are getting impatient, especially Bert who already thinks the jobs I find for us are bunk. And then there’s Percy with his delusions of grandeur, thinking we should be going Big Time, but the reality is we’re tiny fish in a large pond. We ain’t Italian or Russian, and none of us are connected, really, not to made guys anyways, so any mob work we get is going to be for scraps. That’s just how it is on the lower level. — Zane Mitchell in “Four Deep” Read the story here @ Dead Guns Press

The Rucker Report: Week 10, 2015 – Back from Blah

After a month of snowpocalypse and general winter frigidity, a musical rollercoaster with band shenanigans, bouts of frustration and depression (nothing too serious), minor health concerns and a brief automobile recall scare… Hello from the gutter!  I am returned.   This little online journal-that-could now has garnered 284 followers since December.  For those of you new to the program, these writer updates, which tend to be biweekly, monthly or just plain sporadic, are typically to report on the writing life of yours most true (and I usually squeeze in some musical news too).  A self-summarizing glance of aft and fore.  It’s an old tradition that goes back to the golden age of my blogging that started with Brandon Rucker Writes over on Blogger some five years ago. Not much has occurred on the writing of fiction front the past month.  As mentioned in the last update, my short story “Four Deep” will see publication at the end of the month over on Dead Guns Press.  It’s a slightly different take on the hardboiled crime story, featuring …

BOOK: Nothing But Trouble – Stories by Bob Thurber

My old friend Bob Thurber, the winner of numerous literary awards, is on a roll. In 2011 he  released the stark, unforgiving and rather audacious novel Paperboy: A Dysfunctional Novel (Casperian Books), followed by Nickel Fictions: 50 Exceedingly Brief Stories and Cinderella She Was Not: a novelette — both self-published in 2013, and now here in 2014 he’s just released Nothing But Trouble (Shanti Arts Publishing), another collection of stories, this time accompanied by the complimentary images of photographer Vincent Louis Carrella. From the press copy: This uncompromising collection of stories comes from the widely acclaimed and award winning master of the short story, Bob Thurber. Here he weaves his tales around such facets of the human condition as Fathers and Fools, Women and Children, Marriage and Divorce, and Art and Artifice. Typically unsettling and revelatory, Thurber knows how to cast a story that depicts the coarse reality of life, and his skills are displayed here with both passion and sentiment. Thurber gives the reader a chance, not to peek, but to plunge head first into the deep, dark …

Liquid Imagination #14

The latest issue of Liquid Imagination is currently live! We present in our 14th issue another batch of outstanding speculative fiction, literary fiction, flash fiction & poetry edited by Kevin Wallis, Chrissy Davis & yours truly. As usual Sue Babcock designed the issue beautifully and the voice of Robert C. Eccles narrated the long form stories. Check it out!

Bob Thurber’s Old Christmas Story

A good friend of mine, the award-winning short story guru and now novelist Bob Thurber, has supplied a link to an old Christmas story of his that I would like to share (follow the link after the sample). “A Simple Decoration” It was all Jack that Christmas. On the drive across town I thought of nothing else. Not my ex-wife, whose car I had begged to borrow, or my daughter experiencing her first Christmas without me. My headlights carved tunnels in the slanting snow. I found a clear spot in a tow zone and bumped up onto the curb. I left the engine running, headlights on, not caring if I ever saw that car again. — (continued) at The Thurber Report.

Promo: Local Heroes anthology – Available Now

The anthology book event of the year has finally arrived: Conceived, compiled and edited by Brandon L. Rucker, Local Heroes is a themed anthology of original short fiction published by Static Movement books, featuring stories about the kind of everyday real-life heroes who selflessly interrupt their own lives to positively affect the lives of others. Often they are unsung, and often they are reluctant to embrace the title of “hero”, but that could never diminish the impact of their heroism. This book features the outstanding work of such authors as Robert C. Eccles, Kevin Wallis, Twana Biram, John “JAM” Arthur Miller, Michael C. Pennington, Dorthy Davies and many more. Order it direct from the publisher and get free shipping when your order exceeds $25. Easy to do when you consider there are dozens more anthologies by Static Movement to enjoy. Or order it from Amazon if you prefer. Local Heroes is but only the first anthology by Brandon L. Rucker. More anthologies conceived, compiled and edited by yours truly are coming in 2012. Expect more announcements here starting in early January.

New: Liquid Imagination Online #11 is Live!

The latest issue of Liquid Imagination went live this week. Here’s what we have in store for you: Speculative Short Stories – Edited by Kevin Wallis: Transience, Transcend by Eric Sasson * Luke by Chris Dean Trespass by A.M. Arruin The Storytellers by Josh Bugosh The Downlink by Ken Goldman Leaving Home by Nicomedes Austin Suárez For a Handful of Crowns by Milo James Fowler All of these tales are narrated by Bob Eccles, except * Flash Fiction/Microfiction – Edited by Brandon Rucker: Breaking Point by Gargi Mehra Appointment with Samarra by Cezarija Abartis Eric’s Battle by Jack Horne Minor Annoyances by Joyce Frohn The Missionary’s Dream Snare by Penny Stirling Dog Days (and Nights) of Summer by John H. Dromey Literary Fiction edited by Sue Babcock & John “JAM” Arthur Miller: A Hard Place to Die by Daniel Davis Luggage by Cezarija Abartis All of these tales are narrated by Bob Eccles Poetry edited by Chrissy Davis: The Rodin Show by John Hayes You Should Beat My Face in Tonight Or Just Sleep Instead by Justin Curfman Adopted by Aliens by KJ Hannah Greenberg mise en scene by Theresa Williams Cherokee by Kevin Heaton Being More Is More by KJ  Plus articles and plenty of stunning digital artwork provided by Sue Babcock and Jack S. Rogers. …

New: Liquid Imagination Online #10 is Live!

The latest issue of Liquid Imagination went live this week. Here’s what we have in store for you: Speculative Short Stories – Edited by Kevin Wallis: 60 Minutes by Matthew Leroy The Riveting Tale of Rosie Reever by C.S. Nelson 2012: A Firsthand Account of the End of Days by Bryan Phillippi Carnival by Julie Reece Fugue State by Jennifer Rachel Baumer Scuttle by Milo James Fowler Six Sunsets by Maria Alberto * All of these tales are narrated by Bob Eccles Flash Fiction/Microfiction – Edited by Brandon Rucker: Featured author Kenton Yee: Swan Egg by Kenton Yee, Erasers by Kenton Yee, & Wholly Matrimony by Kenton Yee (the latter narrated by Bob Eccles & flash-animated by Sue Babcock). Plus: The Faernix’s Regard by Mark Wolf Death Watch by Richard Flores IV Cold Steel by Raina Lorring Tomfoolery by John H. Dromey Literary Fiction edited by Sue Babcock & John “JAM” Arthur Miller: I’ll Fly Away by Lauren Bates Miraculous by Stephen V. Ramey Space Monkey by Scott T. Hutchison Poetry edited by Chrissy Davis: Paper BMW by Amit …

Promo: A Short Story & A Novel By Bob Thurber

Bob Thurber, a friend and regular subject on this program, has two things worthy of your attention. First is a new short story of his called “Shingles: A Memoir (circa 1960)” over at Brooklyner, which I myself am anxious to read as it’s one of the few published works of his that I have yet to consume. Second, he is running a One week only – 25% off Kindle Version of Paperboy: A Dysfunctional Novel, his debut novel which was released this past May. Help me support a great man who just also happens to be a great writer. Thanks!

Book: Best Left Buried, A Cursed Anthology

Best Left Buried: A Cursed Anthology about cursed objects and those who wield them, was recently published and is now available. The antholoy was lovingly compiled and edited by Gregory Miller (author of The Uncanny Valley: Tales from a Lost Town and Scaring the Crows: 21 Tales from Noon to Midnight) is now available from Static Movement on Amazon.  The first story featured is a little cursed tale authored by me called “Finder Kept” about what happens when an otherworldly trinket falls into the wrong hands. Here’s a brief excerpt from “Finder Kept”: A few moments ago a man had come running through the alley. It seemed pretty obvious that he had been pursued by someone as he kept glancing behind him like someone being chased.  The Running-Scared Man had tossed the satchel toward the heap of black trash bags mere inches from where The Bum had lay as he ran by. The satchel had nestled itself within the heap, perhaps to be retrieved at a later date by The Running-Scared Man. Yet The Bum had retrieved …