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Jubilee | Lyrics

It’s that special time of year We should gather with each other despite our fears We’ll break bread and dine with wine And discover there’s no trouble and we’re just fine We are all of the same blood So it’s silly to throw punches instead of hugs Peace is not (just) for the naive We should be wearing our compassion upon our sleeves So let’s celebrate today And be grateful that we all have a voice to say That we’re thankful for our lives And we’re laughing, dancing, singing and giving high fives Written: March 28, 2009. Released on the album Bridging the Disconnect, released September 29, 2009 via I Rock Recordings under the moniker of Sap. Copyright © 2009 by Brandon L. Rucker | RuckerWrites | @RuckerWrites I Rock Recordings Guitars, voices & percussion performed by  Brandon Rucker.

Menace | Lyrics

So many voices In my head Got me tightly wound I’m the villain In your nightmares I will take you down What if I can get to you What if I could just kill you What if I can get to you What if I could just kill you I should take my meds But I don’t won’t to See this gun I’ve found I’m the menace To your society I will break this town What if I can get to you What if I could just kill you What if I can get to you What if I could just kill you It’s good to see you It’s nice to meet you But I will cheat you And I’ll defeat you They won’t find out Cuz I will hide out There’s no penance Cuz I’m a menace Written in the summer of 2015 for performance as Neglect the Alarm. First performed live January 16, 2016. Currently unreleased. Copyright © 2015 | RuckerWrites | @RuckerWrites  Neglect the Alarm

The Mission | Lyrics

Calm the savage beast with my music so smooth I initiate the groove to make your body move You can feel it all inside you as it reaches your core Get up off your back and put your feet to the floor Like a moth to a flame, you can feel the burn The rhythm will confront you at your every turn Like a beacon in the dark to lead you through the night You can swim these tranquil waters ‘cause you know it’s all right We’re one nation under a groove, these are times to heal You know my word is bond ‘cause my name is For Real Life is not as bad or as good as it seems But we should never give up on our positive dreams I’m not comin’ at’chu with elaborate schemes I just wanna rock your body ‘til it’s ripping the seams We’ve got no precious time for ridiculous schisms We’re people on a mission for the ill-est of rhythms Don’t take this all lightly ‘cause the message is …

Building Burning Bridges | Lyrics

We never thought that things could breakdown this way We never knew that we could be led astray Back then we could not see all the ties that bind But now we know that we must cherish our time TOGETHER TOGETHER The bitterness can cause a rift As time goes on we start to drift We think we’re free to break away But memories don’t always fade We were destined to be friends This bond is strong it never ends In building bridges that we’ll burn It seems to be we’ll never learn To treasure the friendships that we’ve earned Yet we walk away with no concerns We were destined to be friends This bond is strong it never ends We’re building burning bridges Bridges falling down Our burning bridge is falling Falling but we’re bound We’re building burning bridges Bridges falling down We’re burning bridges we built But we can reconcile Sometimes it takes a while to find The truth in life, so we rewind To see where we had made mistakes Where things …