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Mare of the Night | A Poem

From the Nether She stands tall A specter of a horse Infernal beast Bathed in flame From the fiery depths On thunderous hooves Her gallop is fierce Black as coal And lightning swift She soars in wingless flight Through the indigo sky Her eyes are a beacon Aglow like burning embers Every mortal’s nightmare A demon steed A harbinger of fate She brings only certain doom Written on December 15, 2009. Originally featured in Static Movement Special No. 2, a print anthology published in 2010 by Liquid Imagination Publishing, edited by Chris Bartholomew. This re-published edition exists for electronic access and online archiving, and is intended for reading and reviewing purposes only — any other unauthorized use or dissemination is strictly prohibited. © 2009-2016 by Brandon L. Rucker. All Rights Reserved. | RuckerWrites | @RuckerWrites Amazon | Smashwords

On Shadowy Ground | An Excerpt

{ 456-word excerpt } Earlier I had thought it was something scurrying around in the foliage like a raccoon or some nocturnal rodent.  But this time it sounded like something bigger.  The movements were quite sluggish for a small animal. I snapped my head around, surveying the scene, but in the gloom of night everything was gray and black, covered in shadows.  Naturally my display of alarm had alerted Jess. “Quinn!  What’s wrong?” “Shhh! Be quite,” I whispered.  “Did you hear that noise?” “What noise?” she whispered back, thankfully. I listened intently. Nothing. Then it came again but this time it was in the trees, up above.  And close by. “That, did you hear that?” Jess wasn’t alarmed.  “Yeah, but it’s probably just some dumb animal.  No biggie, baby.”   I think her hormones were clouding her judgment.  She pulled me in close to her again and started That-Thing-She-Does to my neck. I wondered if I was delusional.  However, the more Jess did her Thing, the more I just wanted her—spooks or no spooks.  After a …