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The Writ, The Read & The Rock – 11.19.18

It’s been a while since I’ve done the weekly look back, so here is a retro report on the past week or so . . . ++ The Writ ++ So since the start of November I have been participating – for the third year in a row now – in NaNoWrimo (National Novel Writing Month for the rare uninitiated). In the past I hadn’t lasted more than a few days to a week at most. This year I’ve survived nearly three weeks, mainly by finally embracing not giving into my usual OCD about editing every word, phrase, sentence, paragraph and page to some semblance of “perfection”. I’m also not sticking to one novel project, instead just doing word vomits on multiple projects as they arrive to me because as always this creative mind of mine is always littered with a multitude of ideas – old and new. It’s just how I’ve always rolled, so why fight it? As I write this very paragraph I’m currently tallied at 17,852. ++ The Read ++ As a …

The Call

++ Post #547 ~ 66 words of dialogue ++ Created: 8.8.2018 by BLR – Hullo? – Hullo. Is that you? – Last time I checked. Who is this? – You know who this is. – Mmhm. What do ya want? – For some reason you’ve been showing up in my dreams lately. I just wanted to make sure you were still alive. – Why do you care? – Well, even though I hate your two-faced, lying, conniving, backstabbing ass, it doesn’t mean I want you dead. Yet. Fin. Inspired by a true event. Sorta. It’s complicated.