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Here are the lyrics for a little ditty I wrote and recorded a little over five years ago for my 2009 demo LP Bridging the Disconnect. Given its subject matter and the social unrest that has plagued our society of late, I’d say its message is rather timely. To listen to the song just click on the title. “Jubilee” Words and Music by Brandon L. Rucker ~ It’s that special time of year We should gather with each other despite our fears We’ll break bread and dine with wine And discover there’s no trouble and we’re just fine We are all of the same blood So it’s silly to throw punches instead of hugs Peace is not (just) for the naive We should be wearing our compassion upon our sleeves So let’s celebrate today And be grateful that we all have a voice to say That we’re thankful for our lives And we’re laughing, dancing, singing and giving high fives ~ Copyright © 2009 by Brandon L. Rucker dba I Rock Recordings. All Rights Reserved.