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A re-blogging of fiction, poetry and lyric works that are showcased on RUCKERPEDIA, my library of works.

The Apprentice | A Work in Progress — RUCKERPEDIA

{ 404 words so far } “I am Death,” he tells me as he hands me the scythe. He had personally forged the blade out of stainless steel himself. I can’t help but be amazed at his resourcefulness, and the meticulousness of his craft, his attention to detail and his drive to be the best […] via The Apprentice | A Work in Progress — RUCKERPEDIA

A Patchwork Companion | A Work in Progress — RUCKERPEDIA

{ 639 words so far } Just before dusk the man took a break from his work in the basement. He was not hungry, or more specifically, he had no appetite. Instead he opted for a cold beverage from the refrigerator in the kitchen to quench his thirst. Only when he popped the cap off […] via A Patchwork Companion | A Work in Progress — RUCKERPEDIA

Jubilee | Lyrics [via RUCKERPEDIA]

Originally posted on RuckerPedia:
It’s that special time of year We should gather with each other despite our fears We’ll break bread and dine with wine And discover there’s no trouble and we’re just fine We are all of the same blood So it’s silly to throw punches instead of hugs Peace is not (just) for the naive We should be wearing our compassion upon our sleeves So let’s celebrate today And be grateful that we all have a voice to say That we’re thankful for our lives And we’re laughing, dancing, singing and giving high fives Written: March 28, 2009. Released on the album Bridging the Disconnect, released September 29, 2009 via I Rock Recordings under the moniker of Sap. Copyright © 2009 by Brandon L. Rucker | RuckerWrites | @RuckerWrites I Rock Recordings Guitars, voices & percussion performed by  Brandon Rucker.

Living and Dying Under a Harvest Moon | A Short Story — RUCKERPEDIA

One of the most romantic pieces I’ve ever written. But of course I always like to add a little tragedy for good measure. Just a tad this time, though. Enjoy! { 1039 words } As dawn claims the night I see the morning sun begin to break over the horizon from our window. I’ve been watching Stella sleep. She’s so quiet and still, I want to feel her beating heart to be sure she’s still with me. With passion as our spark, we’d made love, […] via Living and Dying Under a Harvest Moon | A Short Story — RUCKERPEDIA

I’m Not From Around Here | A Poem

Originally posted on RuckerPedia:
Driving fast down sun-baked country roads Countless tiny towns are silhouettes in my dust I dare not stop for fear of the unknown I have this little suspicion they don’t like my kind – The kind different from them The kind not of their own It’s not that I blame them, really It’s not their fault that they’re wrong – My destination is clear No place in particular Just enjoy the scenic route Before night claims the scenery – There’s a fork in my roads of chance My front tire takes the brunt of it I pull over to the soft shoulder My good luck having failed me – Rear view mirror, another driver is nearing A big red pickup, a good ol’ boy pulls next to me Sweat beading on my brow now, I’m unsure of his intention I ease out of the car, though I’m thankful for his attention – “You’re not from around here,” he says, I think he’s a fast learner I say, “No, I’m from the…

Road Dog | A Double-Drabble — RUCKERPEDIA

{ 200 words } Various instruments crowd the back of the cargo van-turned-tour van. His legs are cramped. He’s gotta piss, but there’s no rest stop for god knows how many miles. As the miles become more miles, his hunger becomes aching, tiredness becomes weariness. He’s horny, sure. But he sincerely misses her for all […] via Road Dog | A Double-Drabble — RUCKERPEDIA