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NaNoWrimo: Day 5

I’m under 5k on Day 5. Clearly not the hare so that makes me the tortoise. AKA King Molasses. AKA the undisputed Emperor of  S  L  O  W.  AKA Slowpoke Rodriguez. But, at least I’m doing good at breaking the habits of old. More on that in a later post. At any rate here’s a nice graphic. #NaNoWriMo2018 #Day5 #iWrite


Marvel’s FANTASTIC FOUR #1 (LGY #646)

FANTASTIC FOUR #1 (legacy #646) by writer Dan Slott and artist Sara Pichelli was a real treat to read! I’m very excited for #2. It is pretty cool and interesting to note that Marvel put this issue out on exactly the 57th anniversary of the original Fantastic Four #1 which was back on August 8, 1961 (cover-dated November) — similar to another publishing milestone earlier this year when DC Comics released ACTION COMICS #1000 on its exact 80th anniversary date this past April.

Now if I know Marvel, they’ll time things just right so that FF legacy #700 will come out on the title’s 60th anniversary in three short years, although I’m not exactly sure how since this series is not currently shipping twice-monthly. Then again, before the 2x monthly frequency of many of its titles in recent years, Marvel used to have several key titles (like the main X-MEN books) shipping at an accelerated clip of 18 issues per year. Well, I’ve done the math and that’s actually all it would take to line up the legacy-numbered FF #700 with the year 2021. 🤓


The Call

++ Post #547 ~ 66 words of dialogue ++

Created: 8.8.2018 by BLR

– Hullo?

– Hullo. Is that you?

– Last time I checked. Who is this?

– You know who this is.

– Mmhm. What do ya want?

– For some reason you’ve been showing up in my dreams lately. I just wanted to make sure you were still alive.

– Why do you care?

– Well, even though I hate your two-faced, lying, conniving, backstabbing ass, it doesn’t mean I want you dead. Yet.


Inspired by a true event. Sorta. It’s complicated.


Get Away

[Post #545 | The Evening Muse #9]

In light of the start of vacation, here’s a related entry written back on June 30, 2018.

Lately when I close my eyes I see myself in a certain, uncertain setting: in a moving vehicle with a sun/moon roof open, a big bright blue sky overhead with scattered cotton-like clouds, the wind blowing through open windows and an open, sprawling road laid ahead with a variety of surrounding landscapes and scenic vistas.

In recent weeks, at least since true Spring and Summer weather finally broke in May, I have been stricken with an unrelenting wanderlust. Actually, I’m not sure that’s the most apt term, because getting away from it all seems to be the main mission. Particularly this past week or so the echoing thought in my mind has been to get away from all the noise of everyday mundane life and escape to a place of unparalleled peaceful and quiet serenity.

My head has been a jumbled mess of thoughts, hopes, dreams and frustrations and it seems I could use a few days somewhere remote and secluded to simply confront and mentally resolve all those haunting voices. The only way to achieve it so be effectively gone away from and devoid of all the usual responsibilities — if only just for three days or so.


Inner Peace

[Post #544 | The Morning Muse #13]

There’s no outer peace on this side of death.
I’ma use these next 5 days of vacay to try to achieve a modicum of inner peace.

That was my opening post on Facebook today as today is the first day of a rather impromptu and haphazardly planned/not-quite-planned pre-back-to-school/off-to-college family vacation of sorts. It’s complicated.

But nevertheless, while any sense of external peace in this life is nigh-impossible prior to dying, I hope to maybe find a bit of the internal stuff during our little getaway. Of course I don’t kid myself into think it’s very likely, especially given how The Plans aren’t going quite as planned, yet I concede it may be infinitesimally possible that eschewing many mundane daily responsibilities for a brief spell will somehow reward a body and — more importantly —  a mind the reprieve it so desperately needs.

Here’s a picture I shot in Niagara Falls, NY from our 2016 vacay.


Metallica – Live S**t: Binge & Purge

[Post #543 | Daybook #13]

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve listened to METALLICA’S 3-disc live set Live S**tBinge and Purge, recorded and released in 1993 (the Mexico City portion of the box set). Tonight I was bopping around Spotify looking to cue up Metallica’s instrumental songs (“Anesthesia – Pulling Teeth”, “The Call of Ktulu”, “Orion”, “To Live is to Die” and “Suicide and Redemption”) to use as a soundtrack for a brief stint of writing when I scrolled to this particular live concert recording I’d been shunning for so many years. I jumped right to “Creeping Death” in the track listing and what I immediately noticed was how much better the live songs sounded twenty-five years ago compared to modern times. Not because of the band’s performance or anything like that. No, it’s because back then their guitars were tuned to E-Standard tuning (A440) rather than the E-Flat tuning they’ve been using the last fifteen years or so (I believe since the St. Anger “Madly in Anger” tour in 2003, at least). These days when I hear modern live versions of their songs it’s a bit of a bummer because the majority of the songs sound off — because they are off, by a half-step, or semitone in musicology terms. I’ve been listening to Metallica for thirty-plus years, so it seems only natural that when a fella puts on the music of the soundtrack of his formative years that he’d want it to sound like it’s supposed to sound at least in terms of the original tuning, even when it’s via a concert, live or otherwise. [End old man rant].

The Drive

[Post #542 | Daybook #12]

Driving. Something I’ve been doing a lot lately just to get to a place of solace where I can get out of my head (or more accurately, get into my head so I can un-clutter it). When I need to do that I tend to drive out into the country (I live in the suburbs, sandwiched perfectly between the urban and the rural) and I’ll usually play music of a deep or moody nature to soundtrack my travels and hopefully inspire my contemplativeness while also prompting me to sing. Is there a greater joy, really, than singing? I mean aside from playing guitar or drums? No, I can’t think of much.

At any rate, below is a picture I snapped last week of one of my driving excursions. The sky may or may not have matched my inner mood.


Station Identification – Testing, Testing!

[Post #541]


Is this thing still on? If you’re able to read this then it means I have survived my recent untold misadventures into the unknown!

I haven’t made one of these station idents in nearly two years, so here we go . . .

Hello and welcome.

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read anything I post here. I think all writers write with the hope — hell, the dire need for a reading audience and I am no exception, despite the recent dearth of postings here of late.

Obviously this is my little humble corner of the Interwebs and blogosphere where I’ll pretty much muse and rave about the creative things I’m doing or consuming, which is predominantly reading, writing and rocking out to the music I love, and everything in between. My posting activities here have been very sporadic the last year or so, but I intend to use this space more regularly starting this week.

Curious newbies can learn more about me here.

This blog contains a number of running journals: Daybook, Lifebook, Journal Juice,  Notebook, Thinkbook, The Evening Muse, The Morning Muse and Workbook, which can all be more directly accessed via the menu above. I will continue to add to them periodically as the need arises.

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PROJECT MISERY (codename for a developing serial)


SOUTHERN BASTARDS: Vol. 4 – Gut Check by Jason Aaron & Jason Latour




“The One Habit Every Writer Needs. Right now.”

Post #540

Guest Blog | The following quotes are from the Medium blog post ‘The One Habit Every Writer Needs. Right now.‘ by @shauntagrimes

Here are the steps:

Choose a goal.

When I say teeny, tiny, I’m not kidding.

You want a goal so small that it would actually be more difficult, psychologically, to skip it than it would be to just sit down and do the damn thing.

My go to teeny, tiny writing goal is ten minutes. No matter what, even on my worst day, even when I’m sick, even when I’m travelling, even when I have a million other things to wedge into 24 hours, I write for ten minutes.

If for some reason ten minutes became something I could skip — if it lost it’s status as the goal that’s so small I’d rather do it than skip it — I’d shrink it.

Five minutes.

One minute.

One page.

One paragraph.

Hell, one word. Seriously. If that’s what it takes, set a goal of writing one new word on your manuscript everyday.

The secret of the teeny, tiny goal is that it’s not the finish of it that matters. It’s the start. The magic is in the way that little bitty goal gets you from NOT writing to writing.


DC = Diversified Comics, And We All Benefit

I have always respected DC Comics for its ability to compartmentalize comics in the smaller sub-categories that are needed for a vast library. The lines and imprints they currently have include:

  • DC Universe
  • DC Year One OGNs
  • DC Super Hero Girls
  • DC Ink (Young adult readers)
  • DC Zoom (Middle-grade readers)
  • Young Animal
  • The New Age of Heroes
  • Black Label
  • The Sandman Universe
  • Vertigo (relaunch)
  • Bendis’ upcoming curated line

Back in the day they had Helix for science fiction, Minx for YA girls/women and other now defunct ones like Elseworlds, Paradox Press, Johnny DC, and Wildstorm (which had its own various imprints within).

As a lifelong comics fan and constant observer, I must say DC has been killing it these last two years beginning with REBIRTH and considering all kinds of new imprints and series covering so many different genres and niches. People tend to give mad props to Marvel for the MCU movies and Netflix TV shows, and rightfully so. But that’s an expansion into other media. In terms of just the COMICS, which is where this all began, I think DC has been the better servicer to the discerning comic book fan. Given what they’ve got going on now and what’s on the immediate horizon later this year, It all feels fresh and electric.

Of course, it’s hard to observe DC without also observing its rival. Though Marvel seems to be righting their ship, doing course corrections and improving things, there still seems to be a certain staleness or tiredness/fatigue to what they’ve got going on, in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong — they still have, for me, overall the best characters in super-heroics, but operationally/editorially it seems a certain kind of glory is missing as I read their stuff digitally. Some have opined that external success has soured the comics. I don’t know about all that, I think their marketplace dominance and constant “need” to skew the status quo has done that moreso. I just know that for the last few years — at least through the 7 year existence of the CBU — I’ve been more intrigued by DC as a publisher from an objective viewpoint, if not as a hardcore fan, which is weird for a born Marvel zombie. I think the last time I was super excited by a Marvel comic was Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña’s UNCANNY X-FORCE in 2011 (if you read that series then you understand why). I suppose the recent JESSICA JONES and THE DEFENDERS came close to that same excitement, but that’s six years later. Today, in an alternate reality I would be more excited about Jason Aaron’s AVENGERS than I am. I had hoped the new era of SPIDEY would hook me. The return of the FANTASTIC FOUR is also intriguing, at least on the surface. But if I’m honest, a big part of it is the lack of an alluring X-MEN line that really compromises the magnetism that the MU could have on me because they were my main gateway in the mid-80s to early 90s.

At any rate, I started this stream-of-consciousness commentary simply to praise DC for getting back to their old 1990s form in a modern way by doing their damnedest to serve a diverse array of comics fans with a variety of offerings and realizing, unlike Marvel it seems, that mainstream comics should be about more than the in-lockstep collective narrative of a shared universe, which has been Marvel’s amped up M.O. since the Quesada regime began 18 years ago. For the biggest publishers in such a crowded market it seems wiser to be attractive to a wider swath of readers rather than just the opposite. I’ve no doubt it’s a corporate mandate, but still, the vast forest beyond the trees immediately before you should be seen.

That’s just my two cents.

Plus tax.